Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have a new love

As of now, many of you have had a doubt that whether I have a new love, here I would like to disclose the fact; yes I have a new love. If I don’t tell it to you now I know it is not fair from my part and I will be considered as a great fraud by you all my friends, I don’t want that to happen to me and loose you my friends because I have a new love. However, my parents don’t know that
I have a new love but I have told my twin brother about it, not my elder brother though. I have told this matter to a few of my cousin sisters.

Sorry for having hidden this fact so far, I thought in the fullness of time it would reveal itself or you would get the fragrance of love that engulfed me. However, I always wanted to tell it to you that I have a new love. I have been waiting for the love to get mature enough and tell you. I think only now the time has come to proclaim to you and the world that I have a new love.

Unlike, other lovers I don’t want to keep the fact hidden that I have a love. It was not a sudden decision, I asked a few of my friends about her and got their consent about her and how to start and go ahead with her because I didn’t want to mess up my relationship with her at all.

Many people had the doubt that whether I have a love; but to all of them I have told with a little blushing that I have one and she is so sweet and many I already introduced her to. Many of them did not believe that I have a love but later they had to.

To start any love relationship is easy but keep it going is difficult and to have frequent visits and meeting up are very important in any love relationship. She may not demand me anything but it is my duty as an ardent lover to do whatever she needs from my side.

I am not a conservative lover instead, I love people seeing her, so I have added her link in my facebook profile so that they shall see her and comment about her. I am very happy that a few of my friends like her and they have left their comments. But many of my friends even after knowing the fact that I have a love, never bothered to respond to and support me. I don’t know why they do not respond; so sometime I get pissed off.  

I am very proud to have her; I had to change her and shape her accordingly so that people seeing her should be jealous of me, because me having such a beautiful love. Even if I am telling you all these no way you can separate us because our relation has grown so deep and even if you come to know about it you can’t break our relationship.

A few of my friends always laughed at me having her and maintaining such a relationship with her and spending too much of time, energy and money for her; but I am so sure that later all these people would understand the value of me having her in my life.

These days I am so obsessed with her and I make frequent visits and spend lots of time with her and I asked my love to look smart and beautiful, she has dressed up well as I have asked her to do and now she is so pretty than she was ever before and I am so happy and feel like embracing her.

I am very happy that we are happy and very much content for each other and both of us pray that our love shall remain forever; that nothing should break our love relationship. A few of my friends always supported me to go ahead with her and I am so grateful to them.

I am so lucky to have her in my life; I love her so much and care for her. I am so fortunate and blessed to have her in my life. I love you my dearest and sweetest love. My dearest love, I promise you that I will take care of you always and you will be always respected and close to my heart. There will not be any kid of fight between us; you will be always well looked after beyond doubts. You will be always mine, and only mine. My dearest love, you simply make me proud of myself, thank you so much my love. My dearest love, my sweet kisses and huge hugs to you...................

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  1. oh God..I cant handle this anymore...stab me with a dagger pls!

  2. Cool.. you did not make any mistake to get stabbed... ok....

  3. Yet tu thadisan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reveal the details of her... Its human na ? you r not blaming us, right :P