Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You know what hunger is

A blog feeds 50 children, http://www.akshayapatra.org/

The very word Akshaya Patra means a vessel of abundance, how much ever we take it from the vessel the vessel never goes empty. It is always nice to do something for a cause and writing a blog can feed 50 children
that is a great thing we can do, people like us who have never experienced what hunger is, even though we live in country which has lots of people die of hunger, it is the least thing that we can do for a cause that does not cost us anything at all.

Charity begins at home, when the world keeps us busy we tend to forget what happens to our fellow brethren especially when we are in a privileged side always. When we amass all the wealth for ourselves and for our family we should always remember that what we have excess is what we have coveted from others. We are rich and live luxury because ‘the others’ remain poor and their nothingness helped us to have things and in turn that made us rich.

Our small act of charity means a lot to people who are badly in need of our help and assistance. Gandhiji said, if ever God is to be reborn again on this planet of earth it should in the form of a piece of bread, he said it in the context of hungry people, hungry people should be fed first.


  1. Nice write and one can feed the poor & needy in number of ways on the occasion of birthdays or anniversary.

  2. If god is born as piece of bread now, he would be auctioned off, stored in formalin, and showcased for eternity, that Man captured God. Such is our state now. :(
    In Hunger, We Live…

  3. very well written for a noble cause.

  4. Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India! Their mission statement says it all.

  5. Gandhi ji quote goes very well with your post.

  6. Good to see, Indiblogger servng as a great platform for all bloggers to a noble cause

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    I am sure a blog post from you will make a huge difference.

    Best regards,
    Sarmistha Sengupta
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    “Feeding a hungry child is not charity, it is our social responsibility”