Monday, December 20, 2010

Growing from better to worse

Unlike any other time, this time the winter sessions in the parliament were very hot and active in the scorching winter in Delhi. No single day was fruitfully spent in parliament, everything sunk in the 2 G spectrum allocation.  The ruling government, congress, can boast
(sarcasm) that it is first time in the history of Indian Parliament that the entire winter session was swiped off, that too on scam.

Both opposition and ruling coalition were firm in their own stands and stood for the same, as the end result nothing fruitful happened. The other two alleged scams; corruptions in the Commonwealth Games contracts and the allotment of the flats in the Mumbai’s Adarsh Society, were drowned in the bigger one, 2G spectrum. 

When both opposition and ruling coalition were on their stand we the general public is turned to be the biggest losers. We have voted all these leaders into power not to have their own petty interest and political gains instead they should have stood for a common good and development of the country.

It sounds that Congress’ stand for the court monitored CBI investigation has got something to hide in the entire scam otherwise what was the big issue in giving signal for the JPC probe. If the congress were really clean without any corruption and really wanted the winter session happen they would have agreed to opposition’s demand for JPC probe.  

All these are happening just after the visits of Presidents of five nations, when Obama came here he over and again emphasized the fact that India is a powerful nation and whole world is looking up India for its superb growth.

Now the whole world would be looking down India for the kind of political plays happening, in a country so much of investments have taken place and so much chance for the growth but now everything is at a stake due to the dirty politics that are being played.  The nation that was shining with its economical growth is stinking now against the attributes uttered by Obama and other Presidents who paid their visit to India recently.

Now the question is that when the Parliament would come for the Budget session next year whether the opposition would go ahead with the strategy of stalling Parliament proceedings as it has been happening in the winter session.

Let us wait and we will get to watch what is going to happen in the Budget session in the New Year 2011.

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