Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mask we wear

Many a time in our life journey we act too much and showcase us as a perfect man but in the long run the real character can’t be hidden, however, the real character
would come to light and people around us would get to see our real picture.

We might be able to act for a short period but as we go through different situations and tested in the real life experience, we would definitely react and the real man whom we have kept hidden within us would come out and reveal himself.

Once the real character is revealed the credibility of the person is lost. The false foundation on which we have built our image and reputation all that would be scattered and we will be thrown out and tampered by people.

It is always nice remaining the way what we are rather than giving us so many personification and viewed as a gentleman. Let people accept the way we are rather than appear to be good because the journey from friendship to enmity, the journey from acceptance from rejection would be so shocking.

Having all the hatredness in our heart for others why should we act good in their presence and speak sweet. Let us tear apart our masks and stop acting good before others. Let us be what we are. Let people love what we are rather than what we project ourselves.

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