Saturday, December 25, 2010

X’ Mas

Christmas is no more a religious festival of Christians, it has broken all those boundaries and now Christmas is widely celebrated by people of all religion. It might have happened because of the essence and very meaning of the historical
significance of the incarnation of God in human form, not many other religion have this uniqueness.

As we all know that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of child Jesus in cattle shed as the poorest of the poor. He being God himself he emptied himself and was born as a poor man at Bethlehem. I don’t think that the kind of celebration does go along with the real meaning of Christmas.
We all have forgotten the real message of Christmas. Even if Jesus is born in thousands of cribs if he is not born in our hearts the whole meaning of Christmas celebration is lost. Our Christmas celebration is in cutting of Christmas cakes, partying, eating up of all non vegetarian and drinking of liquor forgetting the fact that why child Jesus was born in cattle shed.
If ever child Jesus has to pay a visit on Christmas day, the infant would not be happy at all because the child was born for the poorest of poor, needy and destitute not for us who are born rich and celebrate Christmas in all the richness.
Our celebration of Christmas shall not be limited in having all yummy food and fun, let us have a celebration in the way the infant Jesus at the cattle shed wants us to celebrate.   

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