Friday, October 19, 2012

Brave men commit suicide not coward

The society has reinforced in the mind of the people that it is coward who runs away from life realities and as a matter of dodging commits suicide but what I strongly feel is that it is daring people who do commit suicide and coward does not. People who are committing self immolation are in hysteria and that put them in a transient situation which forces them to annul their life. However, the general notion is that “it is coward who commits suicide not the brave” but I prefer to take a walk which is other way around.   
We all are trying all the possible ways and taking all the measures to extend our life span and live a little longer in the planet of earth but there are a few people who succumb to the existential crisis; to be or not to be that life throws right in front of them. To put an end and to eliminate themselves from this planet of earth one needs great amount of courage.

The greatest fear in anyone’s life is the fear of losing one’s life and how much ever more audacity one needs to overcome the greatest fear and to get into the act of self immolation. Therefore, killing oneself is not just an act of coward but of courageous. Those people who have thought about or made the attempts to commit suicide would very well know it is brave men’s job and are still alive because they were coward to commit suicide.

Perhaps it is the religion, its leaders, moral philosophers and thinkers coined the thought that “It is coward who commits suicide not brave men.” They have had coined this particular thought to prevent alarming rates of self immolation and to articulate meaning in life. They were creating a stereotypical notion that brave people never commit suicide they won’t flee from life realities instead they face everything courageously. Thus, even after committing suicide the tag of being coward would remain with the person and his family who committed the self immolation.    

Society and religion always treat killing oneself as a stigma and one decade ago even the Catholic Church used to treat the person committed suicide in awful way that they were buried in a place which was known as ‘Rascal Grave.’ It was to make the act of committing suicide as a matter of disgrace for the family of deceased thus rest of the people shall not indulge in such act.  

We take utmost care to protect our body, have frequent medical check-ups, visiting beauty spa to have make over sessions so that we shall live longer as well as appear fair and handsome. When we all are in a race to keep everything in line with, a few people thinking totally out of the common notion and take a valiant step to respond to the existential crisis; to be or not to be in a negative note.  

The self immolation is not something that happens in a fine morning, adequate thinking and reflections definitely would have been gone into before someone decides to do so. I think it is more daring to kill oneself than moving ahead with the difficult time though the act of killing oneself has so many ethical and moral questions involved in it. 

When everyone wishes never to expire from this beautiful planet of earth with all whims and fancies that life can offer, a few take a daring step to end everything when encountered with life realities. Taking a decision against the common trends is always difficult, so to pause amidst the chaos and take a core decision of putting an end for everything in life is how much more daring is.     

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  1. Sorry Thadisan but suicide has nothing to do with bravery or cowardice. It is quite simple really a person feels they don't want to live their life anymore so they check out. The people they live behind are the ones bothered with labels. AG

  2. My whole write-up is within the frame of people who have the tendency to commit suicide and among these people only brave ones does it not the coward

  3. Thadisan.If you really think you have any ability to write...then keep your articles within logical and scientific ambit.Simply expressing your disgusting baseless views is an offence to ones who respect their lives and make full use of it.
    You talk only rubbish.

  4. Rishi K Dubey, Thanks a lot for having found time to have a glance through the post. Well, it sounds that 'you are a prolific writer' with your comments, I know how well things should be put in logical sequence. Please do not think that your arguments are correct always. I had undertaken adequate research work before writing this blog and it is also an echo of my existential crisis. You are able to perceive things only from one angle and please widen your horizon man. You can't categorically make a judgement that it is rubbish, in your limited subjective knowledge it might sound as rubbish.

  5. I agree. I'm currently trying to work up the courage to end my life. I really want to do it through helium asphyxiation so that my body is still properly in tact for the funeral. I hope I can one day work up the courage and honor to do myself in.

  6. I have great admiration for those that have the courage to make this important step. In today's society, people should be free to decide what they want, whether going to uni, work, marriage, children or death. Another rite of passage. Generally, as long as those around have been accommodated for, I do not see anything wrong with suicide.

    1. Anonymous, please reach out to someone for help. Do not harm yourself! My son committed suicide two months ago and I will NEVER get over the pain of losing him. He felt he had run out of all other options and that his family would be better off without him. I would give EVERYTHING to have him back again. EVERYTHING! Please let your family know how much you are hurting. I want to remain Anonymous also.

  7. This is not entirely true. Suicide can be brave choice, but it can be cowards choice too. Depends on the reasons. For example, my friends dad killed himself with carbon monoxide (inhaling car exhaust fumes) because he had severe money problems and unpaid loan. His wife and three kids were left to deal with money problems. They lived in a very modest house and poor life with little money, and dad's debts to pay. They had a house, but they were poor. Because their dad had fucked up, and then decided to leave his family to deal with the problems.

    On the other hand, Kamikaze pilots in WW2 were brave. A person who kills himself after finding out that he has incurable cancer, is brave. He doesn't want to wither away.

    People say that suicide is a cowards act, mostly to prevent people from doing it and moving the guilt away from themselves ("Could I have helped him? Was I rude to him? Why didn't we listen to his problems in time?") Its selfish to force people with miserable lives to live, only so that you wouldn't feel guilt about their suicide. And yes, suicide takes a lot of balls, a person killing himself/herself has the same amount of courage as a war hero. Even war heroes are afraid of death, but person who commits suicide goes straight at it, zero fucks given. That takes huge balls.

    But.. suicide is in many cases a sad choice. Imagine what those people could accomplish in life, with that determination and amount of guts, they posses? They have more guts than most people. If they would use it for good and use it for fixing their problems, they could accomplish great things. So to me, it's sad when this kind of courageous person leaves by his own will. He should have done something more constructive, maybe begin a skydiving hobby which surely boosts person confidence, I know because I've done it. I'm not afraid to skydive, but most likely I don't have the guts to jump without chute. So, yes, it takes courage.

  8. You generalize too much, lots of blah but never do you explain the title of this blog.