Friday, October 26, 2012

The best remains unknown

When it comes to have any kind of alliances whether it be friendship, business or marriage, supposedly the most important thing that we are looking for is the refined character of our partner but the absurdity is that the character is seldom known to us and civilized character is all the more important in the institution of marriage because marriage is a life long commitment between two parties and refined character play a vital role in the success of married life.  

The most important thing that is checked out in a guy or a girl before his or her marriage is his/her character but the strange thing is that it always remains unknown. Just by the mere appearance and bare minimum of interaction with the other would not be enough for us to judge the character because in any given situation anyone would behave well mannered.

As long as everything goes on in a good note, life will go ahead without any kind of disturbance and our feeling would be that people we have chosen would be perhaps the best person we could ever get. However, the real metal of someone would be revealed only when his/her life is encountered with the life realities and real life situations until then everyone would behave civilized and mature.

In most of the cases the most revealed factors like the appearance, employment and financial background of the partner is given hyped importance and character of the partner is brushed under the carpet. Even if one posses all those above qualities and does not posses a refined character and well behavior, living together will be a great chaos.

Failure to access the character or the absence of the good character and manners make the marriage suffer and couple who get into the institution of marriage would have the most difficult time ahead which blocks them going ahead. This would bring the marriage into an abrupt climax marking both the parties ceasing to have a living together.

The most important thing in any individual is his or her refined character and good manners which can virtually substitute all other qualities and can help us to possess rest of everything. Now the question remains, how then we can access the character which remains unknown. Some will have great authority to judge the character of others. With the real cues and close observation of different modulations of character and behavior, to an extent we can understand the pattern of character and behavior of the other.

We should not allow the best to remain unknown in stead we should bring out the best that was remaining unknown. The beauty of the life are in knowing and experiencing the best and celebrating our life.


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