Friday, November 2, 2012

Gadgets are our best friends

Albert Einstein had anticipated it accurate, “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots" His prediction is being proved accurate, already technology has predominant effect on we human beings and we are increasingly getting addicted to technologies and the facilities and luxury they can offer us.

The advent of technologies has redefined and fashioned our life. There is no sphere in our life where technologies have not made their impact on us and they even have creped into our personal life and determine how our life should be revolving around. We can not think about a world without any kind technology and they are at our finger tips. We are both ways affected by the technological changes both positively and negatively. Everything is affected with the change and it is said that change is the only changeless reality. Thus we have just become gadget freak.

If friend is the one with whom we spent most of our time, it is high time to think that who our friends are now. If that is the case definitely mobile phone, computer, internet facility and other gadgets are our best friends in this information era. In all walks of life man is replaced with machines and this replacement has happened in the realm of friendship as well. Mobile phone and computer would be our best friends with whom we are meddling our major chunk of time with, thus mobile, computer and other gadgets are turned to be our best friends though they are inanimate.

The whole scenario is leading to a great catastrophe where human values are washed off and dignity and worth of human beings are blown away and we will have a generation who are just gadget freak. The new generation would be devoid of all human emotions because most of their time is spend with inanimate gadgets than with the human beings who are dynamic, inspiring, emotional, loving, caring and sending positive energy. Eventually we become to what we are exposed to.

Recently a survey conducted among youngsters was published in The Times of India and it was written youngsters are more attracted to gadgets than to their wife and youngsters lack their interest for sex because they have internet that offers diverse fantasies and they are so obsessed with all these.       

We are so addicted to internet and the fancies it can offer us. All of us know how much we are addicted to Facebook, the social networking site. We all are Facebook maniac and once we login into, most of us find it difficult to log out from it. Formerly, when we did have all these technologies we were people centric because we did not have recreational facilities, so we had people around us and we had great friendship flourishing. Now it is high time to define what true friendship is and learn to restrict the excess use and impact of the gadgets on us.   

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