Friday, November 9, 2012

Scientific inventions keep us less spiritual

We can observe a drastic decline as far as the spirituality of present generation is concerned. Our forefathers had a blind faith in God and religious practices but as we have improved facilities and luxury God is not an indispensable choice in our life because we feel that with the help of scientific inventions and technologies we can solve almost all our problems and we wholly depend on ‘Technology Gods.’ 

Many a time God is evoked in our persistent haplessness, as long as we can manage things by ourselves the Ultimate Reality who is Omniscient, Omnipotent is seldom thought of. Perhaps we all think that as long as we can manage everything why we should bother Him because He must be busy with managing lot many other things.  

Science and technologies have answers for almost everything, whether it be the medical field or any walk of human life. We the mortals challenge the immortal who is our creator with our abilities and achievements but we often forget that all these are bestowed upon us from above. Now the scientific world is in a race to unravel the great genesis mystery as in how was the universe created.

When we fall critically sick, at first we are rushed to the super specialty hospital and are given the best treat possible, in all these instances God is not evoked but the moment we realise that all these advanced medical facilities can’t come to our rescue God is remembered and evoked to intervene and do the miracle.   

Very often God the creator is forgotten and we think that we are greater than Him because we have all the facilities and we are capable of accomplishing any task entrusted to us. All of us know what happened to US a couple of week back, it was hit by a fatal wind named ‘Sandy,’ which caused a drastic catastrophe that US ever witnessed in its entire history. Americans thought that they have all the most modern technologies, scientific inventions and well equipped army so they are triumphant and nothing can affect them really but they learnt a lesson in the hard way that anyone can become prey to the natural calamity of which we have little control over. 

We seldom invite God into our comforts and luxuries because we feel that God will not feel at ease with all that, and God is greatly remembered and evoked in our helplessness and awful states so that He can ratify the damage that has happened to us and put us back into the track.

We have nothing that has not come from above so all the scientific inventions and technologies should make us closer to God than going astray from Him because the scientific invention and technologies were possible in His supreme intelligence not our merits.


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