Sunday, December 18, 2011

A nice person at heart

The picture we all have about auto walla is not very pleasing, and today I could meet an auto walla who is very different from the entire flock.  Today, as I was trying to get back to Panampilly Nagar from Business standard office, I asked an auto walla that that how much he would charge me to reach Panampilly Nagar he told me give me what I owe him to reach Panampilly Nagar that was his immediate response. With an excitement I just jumped into the auto.

As we were travelling, when it covered almost 2 kms his mobile phone was ringing and he stopped the auto at the road side and was attending the phone call. The conversation was audible enough for me and I could hear that it was a thanksgiving call from a lady in getting back her money purse which she lost while travelling in his auto. She wanted to meet him and gift him with something for his sincerity but this man made sure that she lost nothing from her money purse.  She again insisted on meeting him but Mr. Jose told her as she got everything back it is needless to meet him. There were more than 3000 rupees in the money purse. Responding to her phone call if he would have gone to meet the girl definitely the lady would have gifted him with Rs. 500 or so but this man did not want that.

When he finished the conversation and resumed our journey, I told him that I am very happy to meet such nice auto walla like you. Then I asked him what the entire incident was. He told me a lady lost her money purse in his auto but he found the money purse only after a few more trips. When he found it, he opened and checked for the contact number but he could find only a few ID cards without the contact numbers.  He immediately surrendered the purse to the traffic police counter (when any lost item is surrendered it is mandatory  that the name and the contact details of the person who is surrendering it) so the traffic police contacted the particular police station, under which jurisdiction her house falls and thus she got the money purse with all the important documents. While receiving them from police station she got the number of Mr. Jose who actually surrendered them to the police. Hence, the lady was giving him a call.

When I acknowledged his good gesture he did not bother to listen to me he was telling me that it was his duty to return the lost items and there is nothing extraordinary in his action. He was not even ready to take credits for his good gesture. He was feeling a little sad about his fellow auto wallas who never do anything for that sort and who charge extremely from the commuters. He told me that because a few such people all commuters hate the entire auto driver fraternity.

By this time we reached Panampilly Nagar, he dropped me where I wanted to get down. Before getting down from the auto I did not forget to collect his mobile number. Thanking him, I gave him the auto fare he owed and as the auto moving ahead I just noted the registration number of the auto. It was not to file a complaint but it was on the joy of meeting a nice person at heart.  

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