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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sexual desire of a man

Is our birth the end result of the immaculate desire of God or the sexual desire of a man who is our biological father? Did our parents really want that we should be born in such and shape and we should be a boy or a girl? If the caused cause our birth is the absolute sexual desire of our biological father what is the role of God then? How are we born on this planet of earth and what caused our ontology? 
If the uncaused cause of our birth is God, the Almighty, the caused cause of our birth is the desire of a man rather it is the sexual desire of a man and that man is our biological father. So our birth is coupled with the free will of God and the sexual desire of a man.

Now the question is that if our birth is the desire of a man whether we are necessary beings on this planet of earth and whether we have any existential right to live. We are born, so we have to live; then what is our meaning of life. We are the end result of the sexual union of our parents. 

When God created man, he is implanted with the desire, the sexual desire to procreate his offspring and the fulfillment of his desire is taking part in God’s creative mission. According to Christianity, Jesus is the only creation who was born without the desire of man because Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived  with the power of Holy Spirit. 

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