Monday, December 12, 2011

Be in another's shoes

There is an English phrase as “Be in another’s shoes” which means occupy other’s position; feel exactly as others do; understand things in his or her perspective. But the dilemma is that to what extent being in another’s shoes is possible. Though we have such a phrase in English language we can use it for the heck of using it but truly being in another’s shoes is not possible. 

Can we understand the other in the same degree and velocity as he thinks or undergoes a particular situation? We can know things only within in our bodily limit we can’t go beyond that. There is no clinical objectivity possible, our learning or understanding is happening within our subjectivity. Within the same gender being in another’s shoes is not possible then what about the case of opposite gender?

Is it possible for a guy to be the shoes of a girl and for a girl in guy’s? The gender difference is a big obstacle to understand the opposite sex.

For instance the menstrual cycle of the girls can’t be understood by a guy how much ever a guy learns about it or he is explained it by a girl. Virtually, no guy can understand what kind of physical disturbances such as the flow, stomach pain, headache, body pain, irritation and mood swings that a girl is confronted with during her periods. So for a guy it is not possible being in the shoes of girl and can’t understand what she undergoes.   

No girl can understand how a girl is perceived by a guy and what amount of sexual arousal is triggered in a guy in her presence. No girl can understand how she is looked at by a guy and the kind of malicious feelings that are in the heart of a guy for the girl.

So how much ever one tries to be in the shoes of the opposite sex and understand the feelings of a guy or girl for the opposite sex can’t be understood because in actuality being in another’s shoes is not possible. We can use this phrase only for the heck of using it not really possible to be in another’s shoes.    

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