Friday, November 16, 2012

The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt (Part II)

Although, I had put an end for my official chase for this particular pair of twin-girls; exactly after 2 months of September 04 episode, on November 05th morning I happened to see them walking towards Kadavanthara bus stop as I was getting down at the same stop.  I saw them for the consecutive days as well and I was feeling that a few things and people you can’t get rid of even if we decide to leave them behind they would pope up.

Since two months, I had advanced my bus timing and I used to catch the direct bus to get back home as two of my attempts could not yield the desired result and I thought why should keep on trying for something when I do not get a heartening response to take things forward.  

Already I had penetrated a thought into the mind of this particular pair of twin-girls and had given enough of time and space but nothing was happening really so I was forced to annul everything. On November 9th evening, I was standing at Kadavanthara stuck with my office work and fortuitously I met them at Kadavanthara bus stop and we saw each other, the moment I saw them I was developing some kind of uneasiness and the chemistry was not working well with them.

On November 14, Children’s day, my sound engineer friend made a surprise visit coming to my office. After office time, as we were having our snacks, from long distance I saw my bus MYMOON passing by so finishing the snacks, my sound engineer friend and I were waiting at Kadavanthara bus stop to send me off. He was facing the bus stop and I was standing against it. As we were talking, I just mentioned him about the twin-girls and the related episodes. After sometime, a girl was passing by; pointing to that girl he causally asked me, is this one of the twin-girls you told me about? At my surprise, it was one of the twin-girls and I was amazed with his intuition. I told him, ‘yes it is.’ 

After a few minutes, my bus Harikrishna (which I used to board two months back) came and I was walking towards the bus, I saw the other half of the twin getting down from the bus and giving an indication to my friend that the other one was coming I started off my journey back home. My friend told me that why don’t we give a try and woo them. I told him I had already burnt my fingers and now I don’t want to get into but he rejuvenated my morale.

Formerly, I had a plan to get a friend of mine, who is a girl; involved in this case as a girl of their age would be the perfect one to play the role of Hamsam. As I could not find anyone I myself approached them and burnt my fingers. I gave a ring to my friend whom I fondly call Oondakanni (she has two big beautiful eyes) and explained to her the whole story. She readily told me that she would come and play the role of Hamsam.

On November 15th evening, she came without disappointing me. I told my 3D friend who is my partner in the crime that a friend of mine would be coming to play the role of Hamsam. So we worked on the plot and script so that she could be a little prepared to handle the situation. I asked them to cross the road and to be stationed on the other road in the junction, the road that the heroines of the story take every day.        
I could hear the sound of my heart beating fast amidst the busy traffic, I was feeling the heat, started sweating slightly. Always their proximity created a negative vibration within me and it sends unhealthy ripples across my body, may be our chemistry is not working as it should be. In order, not to be perceived as pair of twins, they were coming discretely and today also they were coming individually.

One of the twin girls, appears to be vicious and the other gentle. I saw one of them coming and I called up my friends and told Oondakanni that she is coming but I could not make out which one was that whether the gentle one or the vicious as she came individually and they asked me whether this pair of twin should be approached. Normally, the vicious one leads the way so I told them that they shall not approach this one. After couple of minutes, the bus, Harikrishna, reached the stop and the other twin got down and I informed them that other half is coming.

For a few minutes, I did not know what was happening on the other road. After sometime I called up 3D friend and Oondakanni to know what was happening but they were not responding to my call and it sounded that things did not happen as it was expected to happen. I kept on calling them and they picked the call but they were in the middle of something and told me they would b back in the next half an hour but they did not turn up. I was worried about what is going wrong.

To see what was happening, I crossed the road and I could not see my friends. After waiting for a long time finally, I saw them coming. When Oondakanni saw the first twin she followed her to locate where she was staying and when I informed Oondakanni that the other half is coming she was returning to her position, Oondakanni and the twin girl met. Oondakanni introduced her to the twin girl and told her that she has twin-guy friends looking for twin girls as their life partners. In response, the twin girl told Oonadakkani that how did she knows that they are twins and Oonadakanni replied her that she used to see them both. When Oondakanni asked her name the twin girl was yelling at Oondakanni that why should she tell Oondakanni her name and did not behave well with Oondakanni as she behaved with the twin girl.

I told my friends, it was just an attempt from our side; we shall not be worried about its end result. It is always Nishkama Karma, do your duty and let any result follow. I was cheering them up for the effort they put in. Never, we had really disturbed them like the eve-teasers do; we approached the twin girls with all respect and courtesy. There was not any kind of misbehavior and bad conduct from our side. I was optimistic that the twin girls would respond well when they are approached by a person of their gender but the twin girl’s unbecoming behavior was truly disheartening.      

I feel that I went terribly wrong in judging and informing my friends whether the gentle one or vicious was coming so that they could approach the right one. As I had already made two attempts at Kadavanthara stop to woo them, the twin girl would definitely have had the doubt that I have fielded Oondakanni to approach them. That could be the very reason, in order, not to be perceived as pair of twins, they were coming discretely. But my whole concern was that a girl would behave well with the same gender approached her with a matter which is not that bad to treat with.    

The twin girls have their reasons and rights and they can’t be blamed for whatever has happened, my whole concern was that I did not getting the response that I was looking for. There was not anything like they ought to respond. They could be from an aristocrat family and decently brought up so they may not entertain the on-road quires nor they need not to hunt for any pair of twin-guys (after all who knows whether they are interested with twin-guys marrying twin-girls concept) as their parents would have already hunted out.   

Let us keep our fingers crossed…………………………….          

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