Friday, November 16, 2012

Eyes that find only mistakes

I feel that basically our psyche is tuned to find the mistakes of others and not to appreciate the goodness in them. The most easy and the thing that everyone does in his or her life is finding fault with others and when it comes to finding fault with others, all of us are proficient in it.  

Appreciating the good things in others is not that every one can do but it is only for those who have an open mind and can think beyond the personal horizon. Thus, when it comes to applauding for someone we fall short and our inferiority complex does not allow us to do that. We find it very hard to appreciate the goodness in others, we feel that if we take a step to appreciate the good in others, our ego gets hurt and we become inferior to the person whom we are appreciating.

Even though a particular person has done hundreds of good things for us and that has made us what we are today and by mistake if something has gone wrong from his side in his attempt to do something good for us; we would definitely forget the hundred good things that he had done for us and project the one and only fault he has made by mistake which would not have caused any of kind of damage whatsoever in our well being.   

A few will be contented with just finding the mistakes but there is another set of people who take a few more steps in correcting the mistakes in others such are moral policing. These people think they reason they are on this planet earth is to correct the mistakes of others and the realization of their life lie in correcting the mistakes of others. These people are the self proclaimed custodians of morality and they think that their life-mission is to restore morality in the world.

In psychology there is a term called projection, wherein people would project rather find their own mistakes in others in order to cover up their particular mistakes. By nature, we are good at tracking the mistakes though not the good deeds in various degrees. However, for a few, their main activity would be finding the mistakes of others and they feel that there are only the perfect beings ever existing on this planet earth.

God is the only perfect Being and everyone else is created with limitations and imperfections and our virtue should be seeing the goodness in others rather than the mistakes in them and projecting them too much. With the given limitations and imperfections, we are asked to work towards perfection that is next to the Perfect Being. 

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