Monday, March 1, 2010

Media Ethics

Media Ethics is the most debated topic of the time. Whenever and wherever we have a seminar or discussion related to media there araises the question on Media Ethics. I would like to say that there is nothing like Media Ethics, but it’s the ethics and morality of the people involved in the media is reflected through media. Material being can’t have
any ethics or morality, media being an institution, mere material being, which is built out of matter (material) can’t have any ethics or morality but it is the ethics and morality of the people work in the media is reflected.

Now everything is turned into a business. For that matter even education, the so called social work and charitable institutions are turned to be a business now. Everyone starts to carry an account of profit and loss even that is reflected in the relationships, like when we love someone we think that what are the benefits we would be getting and what would be the lose. Media otherwise was a pure service to people is turned to be a business.

As we have so many channels and modes of communication, each of these is engaged in a competition to bring out the latest news and happening and the people in the media are given with deadline to meet. So now the sensitization of new is happening. The news itself may not be that big but media sensitize in its run for its existence, publicity and the quest for standing first among other channels and news papers. Media is catering to what people need not what they should be given and it is consumerism happening.

Media loses its propriety. So who should be blamed for? It is going to our shame because we are going to the promises of media. It is always easy to sit back and criticize. Let us think how we would perform when we get a chance tomorrow? Would we be abided by all those codes of ethics and morality? So let us introspect what are our values and priority?? How ethical we are?? How ethical and moral we are when we deal with issues and people around us?

Let us share the guilt. The world is losing out the values so it is high time that we try to restore them and we need to start from our own surroundings. Let us inculcate good values and ethics in ourselves and let us be driven by values and ethics than the glamour of name and fame. If values and ethics can be restored the future of the media will be safe in our own hands.

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  1. The ethics and morality of the people involved in the media is media ethics, acc. to me. In today's world, everyone is business minded. Money is the only thing which makes us live. We have to keep earning every minute, and with the hyper inflation, everywhere competition pops up.
    In this hurry burry busy life, how can one stop and be ethical?
    He can just use the media to show whats the truth, with valid evidence. Media makes us know everything, it has to show everything happening in and around.