Monday, March 8, 2010

An answer Yes………… or…………. No………….. from God??

An answer Yes………… or…………. No………….. from God??

I have been thinking over and over again and it is very hard for me to believe in a kind of prayer where God gives you an answer Yes or No. I asked many number of people regarding getting an answer as Yes or No from God and everyone was of my opinion that it is our own decision.

There are people who say that I had an utter confusion in my life, I got stuck in the pathways of life and I had to have an answer
Yes or No from above and I prayed to God and I got an answer. I think that this kind of prayer what people speaking about and addressing to God is ridiculous. In my little understanding even before we start praying for this kind of answer there is a desired answer in the form of Yes or No already in our mind and either of those answers is pushed to the corner of our heart or mind. Then we keep on praying and at the end of the specific day the same desired answer would be echoing in our mind or heart and we say that it is the answer I got from God Himself.

Is it not the play of human psyche? Human being is bestowed with reasoning power to take decision for himself and for others. Our heart or mind decides that what we should do. In the instances where we are unable to decide something and can’t take the blame for ourselves, we bring God into the scene and say it is God’s decision. In the process of all these decision making, if at all the receiving parties or the victims of the decisions, were to be blame someone, it is turned to be God Himself because He gave the so called answer either yes or no.

Here is a very subtle example: How does it sound? I wanted to create blog and post things in that I start praying to God, should I create a blog or not. Does God give me an answer Yes you need to or No, you need not?? It was my decision. Our day to day activities don’t require God’s intervention.

We ask something in prayer not this or that. In other words not ‘either’…..’or.’ We don’t pray to God to give me either this or that. Why should we bring God into each and every problem in our life. He has better things to do than coming and solving each and every problem of ours. Let him be peaceful up there in Heaven. Human beings are superior animals, who are bestowed with intellect and reasoning ability wherein they will think and take decision for the good of themselves and others.

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  1. the answer which ppl think they get, is just, in a way, a hallucination.
    when some opportunity or some sort of a omen they come across, they feel its a way god tells them a yes or no.
    but whatever it is, no one actually takes others' advice, ppl do what they feel like.