Monday, March 22, 2010


Anything can be forgiven in life but not the realization of getting cheated especially by our near and dear ones. The moment when we understand that we have been used for someone’s purpose and we are thrown out once they get they wanted to, it would be a terrific feeling.

Down through centuries there has been the story of cheating. We all know what
happened in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve got cheated by Satan “if you eat the fruit of the tree that is there in the center of the garden, you would become like God” and they ate it and God threw them out of Garden of Eden.

Does that mean that we need to continue that our “great tradition of cheating’’ (I am sarcastic here when I used great tradition of cheating). Don’t cheat people so that we shall not get cheated. When someone puts his or her absolute faith in you and relay upon you solely for anything and everything, how can you cheat him or her?

Pragmatism is an American philosophy. This philosophy calls for the maximum happiness is for maximum number people. It seems that everyone is influenced by this philosophy. People are looking out for happiness even at the cost of others’ life. Human beings are turned to be like consumer goods, wherein human being are used in its maximum and thrown out after the use. No one is really worried about the person who is thrown out to the street.

Life is always running under the principle of selfishness or self centeredness. In our struggle for existence and fight for good positions, everyone is concerned about his own or her own happiness not really worried what happens to others. We don’t have any prick of conscience in putting someone down. We will get only a very few people who is absolutely trustworthy and we are confused who can be truly relayed up or trusted upon?

Faith is a leap into darkness. We place our absolute faith in someone and start living and many a time our leap really ends up in darkness. Here we should be reminded of skepticism, the skeptic philosophy. We should have some amount of skepticism in every aspects of our life, even in trusting others because no blind faith would work in the real terms. When someone does something for us, we can’t afford to take everything for granted. WE NEED TO BE SKEPTIC TO THE EXTENT THAT WHY HE/SHE DOES ALL THESE THINGS FOR US. The favors that we receive blindly can be traps as well. Let us shall not receive favors blindly but let us be skeptic to the extent that why he/she is doing all these things for us, thus we shall not fall prey to another story of getting cheated.


  1. Ya we shud never go too close or we'll end up getting hurt, cuz nothing is permanent.
    No relationship is permanent.
    One day or the other,
    ppl shift their places n go abroad,
    or just get married and stop being in touch
    or their lives end before ours.

  2. trust is faith..nd when ur faith gets shattered it takes a long time to piece it back together..

  3. well supps..well said! but dont be so senti..cheer up bugga!