Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There is only one institution in the entire world which takes people with zero experience in the corresponding field that is the institution of marriage.

We Indians give so much of value for the purity of mind and body of the couple who get into the institution of marriage. But in this era of modernization and globalization, it seems that
no one is really bothered about those great values. Life has become less value driven and premarital sex is so common.

Of course human being is animal, but we are higher level of animals, endowed with a soul and intellect. Unlike animals, human beings are not expected to go after the opposite sex to have sex. For human being life is not all about having sex but he has a greater social responsibility as well. There are so many people are of the opinions that how can be so dedicated to one alone in the entire life and would not life get bored?

The greatest possession a girl can give to her would be husband is her purity of mind and heart (virginity). If she has lost them, whatever degree she might have and how much ever wealth she has, are in vain. But society being patriarchal it does not give men all the liberty to do whatever they whimsically desire. The above sentence is applicable to them as well.

Ananya: “If there is an entrance exam for virginity, you can be sure that I won’t top it.” (From Chetan Bhagat, 2 states) Let us think that if there is an entrance test for marriage is conducted on virginity how many would get the pass mark at least? How many girls would confess to their husbands that they had an affair and whatever had happened in the affair? How many guys would do that? If they do not do the confession to their partner that would be another great cheating that they do. Many a time they keep it hidden to avoid fights and quarrels but when the truth is revealed on a fine morning…………………….. The strange thing with the truth is that it will reveal itself one day.

So the only solution for this value decline is ………… remain immaculate and people who have gone astray to confess to the partner.


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  2. y is it dat only girl's virginity matters nd not boy's??..y is dat in todays world wen society nd culture have expanded so much u think people still have to start relationships on lies??

  3. girls have to be a virgin, no matter what! she wud get pregnant, and thats where a girl has to be careful unlike a guy! lol