Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a much unexpected meeting that took place in the premises of morning canteen of MCC College. Nevertheless it was not a planned meeting and it came as so causal. It was so nice to have lunch together with him. I have been
seeing him almost every day, during the lunch time around the morning canteen of the college and I have tried meeting him many a time and he used to avoid me and just escape from my presence. I thought he had so much of attitude because he is handsome and very good looking guy and he is always the center of attraction. Why should he be bothered about a person like me? It took me almost one year to meet him personally.

I knew the fact that he was part of MCC College but not a student nor a hall resident. I really wanted to know where his abode was. He is always all alone though he has so many friends and fans in the campus. I think he loves to be alone. Very rarely I have seen him with his own friends. He does not carry anything along with him and not really bothered about what he should eat or drink.

He just walked into the scene breaking all the conventional norms. He did not wait to be invited; he has no formalities at all. He remains so simple. He is devoid of all kind of negative and bad influences of modernization and globalization. He has kept alive the very essence of nature within himself.

He did not have a second thought to walk into the scene that human being is such a cruel being and they eat animals. When they get a chance they slaughter animals and eat them up. He did not have any such prejudices nor was he afraid of. He broke the stereotypical notions that other animals having towards human beings.

His presence in the campus makes everyone happy and everyone likes his company irrespective of caste, colour and language. He is the one having so many friends and fans in campus and even there is fan association for him. He transcends everything and goes beyond every barrier. He does not make any division and he breaks all linguistic and cultural differences. For him everyone is the one and same.

Never had I thought that I would have one on one with a personality like that of him. I never thought we could be really best friends in such a short span of time and it would end in such a good note and it could leave such fond memories in me for a lifelong.

We human beings claim that we are the educated ones and we know everything about anything under that sun but we fall victims of all bad effects of industrialization and globalization and all these have changed our behavior. In fact he was teaching me a new lesson that and there are things that education can’t bring. When education makes us formal and competent we tend to lose our very ‘humanness’ and so many of our basic qualities.

This meeting was a call for fraternity and restoration of value decline. He taught me that how friendly one can be with others and it doesn’t require being highly educated. In our quest for qualitative education and race for money let us preserve the very ‘humanness’ that is there in us. Let us be true nature loving people, let us live and let live.

With the hope of meeting him again and thanking him for the ever memorable moments………..


  1. Wow splendid narration I must say! Becomin a big time writer. Cheers.

  2. way to go Sups! keep them coming :)