Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My name is Khan but I am not a terrorist.


How the name Khan could be misunderstood and misinterpreted as terrorist being it is a Muslim name? Does it mean that only Muslims are terrorists? It is not Muslims alone are terrorists, and Hindus and Christians are good people. There can be Hindus and Christians who are terrorists. What is after all in a name? Name is something
that is used to address people and name is not the person.

If I tell that a person is innocent, is his entire being is limited to innocence alone, his possibility of being something else is denied and he is labeled as innocent and what about his other possibilities and qualities. We label people with their name.

We can’t generalize things. There might be Muslims who are terrorists the fact doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists. There are some good Hindus are Christians that doesn’t mean that all Hindus and Christmas are good people. There are good and bad people in all society as well as in all religions. We can’t label that a particular religion is not good and the particular session of the society is not good.

We need to bracket { } our pre-conceived notions and prejudices and look at people with fresh mind and thinking. If we are going to a person with our pre-conceived notions and prejudices we will be never able to understand the real man in him. We should not go by what general public say about particular person but we should have our own understanding of people. We can be critical but never be judgmental.

It is not the name one carries nor the religion one belongs to, make one good or bad but one’s conscious and one’s entire being.

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  1. so your name is Khan! *You are under arrest* :D