Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Gender discrimination??

I don’t understand the point that why should we make gender discrimination and make it as a delicate issue, when the gender we belong to is not our selection. Before we were born on this planet of earth we were not even
a miniature creature nor did we have a space wherein we could sit and think that we should be born in such and such country, to such and such parents and above all our gender should be such and such.

When all these were beyond our control, why should we make gender difference such a complicated issue? We can’t boast for anything that we ourselves have not possessed. The particular gender we belong to is nature’s gift (God’s gift) to us. The chromosomes X and Y are playing the magic. XX make female and XY make male.

I belong to male gender and it was not my selection however, I can be simply proud of being a guy. She belongs to female gender and that’s how nature has created her and same way she can be simply proud of being a girl. Society being patriarchal, I can’t make the claim that my gender is superior and female gender is inferior. Both the genders have different purposes to serve. Male have their own way of life and fun same as female has. Society has made male physically strong and female more loving and caring.

Nature has created human beings as male and female; the opposite poles attract each other. We are in different genders because this difference, coming together of this difference has to achieve something great and it gives birth to their offspring.

Let us be proud of the gender that we belong into and let us have love and respect our own gender first, then we should have the same love and respect for the opposite gender as well.

Remaining both male and female genders as separate entities can’t achieve anything great. Both the male and female have their own possibilities and limitations but the same time we need to break down our egos. Thus, what we need is not gender discrimination but gender equality; where both male and female are treated equally.

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  1. We are made to feel proud of the gender we belong to.
    Else ppl will say that we dont respect ourselves.
    In the subconscious mind, we might think, that it wud be great to be of the opp sex.
    But we love being what we're.

    If we're given a choice of choosin our gender, then we wud jus do inky pinky ponky n chose it. Because no one knows how it wud feel bein a gal or a guy.
    Or if we knew, then it'd depend on the mindset of the soul to chose being a guy or a gal. The soul might see bein difficult to be a gal, in its perspective, so it might chose 2 b a guy. And the other way too.