Friday, April 9, 2010

33% A Magical Figure

Yet another bill is being passed, women reservation bill after so much of struggles, discussions and compromises with political parties. The most debated topic of the recent times was the 33% of women reservation bill. The very word women reservation sounds
satirical that the whole possibility of women reaching heights is being restricted and their presence is being confined to 33% alone. The reservation gives more negative connotations than it is really intended to.

When we speak about the 33% of reservation we take the whole meaning other way around that, women can have only 33% and they can’t cross the magical percentage of 33. The law should be understood this way that ‘at least’ they should be given 33% of reservation, and they can grow up to any extend.

Gandhi has said if we want to see the real India we need to go our villages. What the 33% of reservation has to do with an ordinary INDIAN WOMAN of our villages. She may not know there is such a bill passed like 33% reservation for her and if at all she comes to know about it she may not know what women reservation is all about?

Can this reservation bill travel deep into the hearts of Indian villages and uplift the status of INDIAN WOMEN than it is being confined and enjoyed by the privileged women of our society? Media was celebrating the news of women reservation bill with all colors but could media reach the message home? Only women who are literate are going to know about this constitutional provision and fight for this constitutional provision whereas large majority of women are illiterate. So at the end who is going to gain The INDIAN WOMEN or the folk of lucky women??

The reservation bill is only going to be another feather attached to the caps of the privileged, elite women and it has nothing to do with the INDIAN WOMEN in particular.

Is not the 33% of reservation for some political gains and to serve some selfish needs of elite Indian women? Which folk of women are going to be the beneficiaries of this women reservation bill? It is not the women folk who really deserve for reservation are going to the beneficiaries.

I don’t think that the bill is passed with the pure motive and unselfishness of men to make the status of Indian women high. There are political gains as well, may be to soothe the big vote banks of women for the coming elections who use their franchise right in all the elections. With the passing of the bill the slogan of congress Aaam Janata, and congress ke hath aaam janata ke sath hei is once again being proclaimed.

Is the plight of Indian women is that substandard that the women need to have reservation bill to keep their standard and representation high? We live in a country where we have a woman President, Madam Speaker and possibly a woman Prime minister in the form of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (as we all know she had all the reasons and chances to be).

Then what kind of reservation we are talking about? I think the time has changed to speak about the reservation. Passing of this bill had to happen much earlier when women really needed reservation. I think if at all we need to have reservation bill I think it’s for men because women have been making their presence in every walk of life pushing men behind.

Let us all wait and see how the 33% reservation bill is going to work and help the INDIAN WOMEN.

Thanks to Naomi (Student of 2nd year journalism in MCC) for being the inspiration in writing the article.

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  1. is there any other country that follows 30% women reservation? what is needed is the change in the attitude of people, for this we need to conscientize and educate people about gender equality and dignity.