Wednesday, April 7, 2010


"A Home away from Home
with a college at Home
saves much of the time for best use.”

Everything is in a flux in this world. “Change is the only changeless reality.” Everything in this universe is changing in each movement of time. There is nothing that is not affected by this process of change. Our life style, education system, food habits and what else is not being changed, and changes are happening without
our prior knowledge. But in all these processes of change there remains a great longing in the human hearts to go back and embrace the traditional ways of life and other age old systems. In this point of time we are reminded of the saying “old is gold.”

In many areas of our life this kind of revitalization is happening, especially in our education system. In our education system we can see very well that the revitalization of our age old Indian Gurukula System of education but in the modern style, with modern facilities and infrastructure. The five halls that we have in MCC campus are the apt examples for the process of revitalization.

The halls give a feeling of a home away from home, with a college at home and save much of the tome for best use. Even as we enter into the campus and see the halls we get a feeling of how our ancient Indian Gurukula System might have been. Serenity, coolness and peace of mind are very much felt in the campus and especially in the halls. It is said by the students of MCC that “The hall life gives much beauty to our college life.” The halls that are around the class rooms add more colours and life to the campus and they keep the campus vibrant and active.

How many of us long to get admitted into the halls but a few of us are turned to be unlucky. The MCC college management is committed to impart education in a manner similar to that of the age old Indian Gurukula System of education. The halls give us homely atmosphere. The halls have got their own system of functioning. Each hall is headed by a warden and following by different departments headed by its inmates. The halls do not intend to focus just on academic excellence alone, but they are looking forward the holistic development of the students through the halls activities, so that the students can step into the world with a clear and disciplined mind.

Education is not merely a process of making students to read, write and earn their daily bread but to make students better citizen of the country with all the value system. To that realization the halls, the Indian Gurukula System are working towards.

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  1. Yeah, MCC is one such college which has everything in it, unlike the other colleges in Chennai. I'm happy and lucky to be a part of this wonderful college.
    Other colleges are merely schools and don't provide any good learning. Here, its everything. People residing in our hostel/hall are very much lucky to be residing in such neat rooms with all facilities.