Saturday, January 8, 2011

Century of Centuries

Sachin Tendulkar has yet another wonderful; perhaps the finest gift of all the gifts he can give us all; he is keeping it a little delayed so that we will go a little crazy about the greatest gift. Can you guess what would be this wonderful gift? It is nothing but his
Century of Centuries in international cricket.

Now let us diligently wait for his Century of Centuries in international cricket (from both forms, test and one day internationals) already he has completed 51 in test cricket and 46 centuries in one day internationals ( Now the tally of centuries is gone up to 97 and just 3 more are to go for the yet another great achievement. As the World Cup is far approaching we need not to wait for the record so long.

He would have made this record much earlier but luck has not favoured him. We all know Sachin and his nervous 90s: there was a period of time when he used to get out when he was in 90s and a few times at 99. Tendulkar has got out 23 times between 90 and 100 in his international career. That is almost ¼ for his current tally of centuries. If he were to convert all those 23 failed attempts to centuries he would have crossed the milestone of Century of centuries much before.

However, nothing is to be worried about it, still plenty of cricket is left in him. Sachin has been always in tremendous form whenever he has played in World Cups, so let us hope and pray that he would continue his form in this World Cup as well, as this is the final World Cup being played.

Once he crosses this milestone what a fabulous achievement it would be. A record that could never be broken, I don’t think that anyone would break this record at all. Whenever Sachin makes a record he makes it so personal with his genius lest no one breaks the record.

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  1. let him make it first and then you speak about it but anticipation is appreciated.