Saturday, January 22, 2011

Everything won’t fetch its price

How wonderful it would have been if anything and everything we do fetch its price and how happy would have been people in the world. If that were the case there would not have been any repetition of the same action and lot of time and energy could be saved for better performance.

Everything that we do can’t fetch its price. Every action we do may not yield the desired outcome, sometime our action go barren without producing anything. We can’t always demand that whatever we do should fetch its price.

Our actions are in trial and error scheme. Often we need to repeat same action over and again to get the desired outcome. If everything would have fetched its price at the very first attempt people would not have been innovative ever. Not fetching the price helps us to find newer ways and methods in doing things.

If everything would have fetched its price in the very first instance there would not have been anything called failure at all. Everyone in the world would have been successful. If that were the case no student, preparing for his or her exam would not have failed.

Even if we don’t get desired outcome for our actions let us not be sad about it because everything that we do, wont fetch its price that is a fact that we all should admit in our life.

Sometime youngsters who get into love relationship with a desire of a long happy married life end up in break up and their action does not fetch its price rather it costs them a lot. It is the same case with couple who enter into marriage, their act of getting wedded ends up in divorce and their desired results are scattered.

Therefore, everything that we do won’t fetch it price. However, we shall not feel bad for not getting the desired action instead we should keep on trying until we get the desired outcome rather not murmuring in not getting the desire outcome at the very first instance.

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  1. everything fetching negative or positive result