Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sinking well

Kodambakkam: There is an unusual incident taking place at the residence of Mr. S Krishnaprasad, adjacent lane of Indian Overseas Bank, Mahalingapuram that the well started sinking slowly form yesterday evening (04/01/2011).
Members of the family noticed it when

they started getting muddy water through the taps since a few days, the well which is 40 feet started sinking slowly since yesterday, as it was sinking the side wall of the well started collapsing, and the bore well pump got buried in the well  said Mrs.                Ramya K  Prasad, member of the family.                    

The repair works are on, with the help of an additional pump set the water is pumped out from the well and the members of the family is trying to ratify it as this well is the main source of water for the family.

The well has been only 10 years old. The excess rain fall and sandy soil in the area are found to be the cause for the sinking of the well. People in the locality are flowing to 86/94 house to see this unusual incident.  

 Photographs by: Dineshkumar E. J

(we were learning the art of reporting, Thanks to Ramaya Ma’am for the chance given)

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