Friday, January 21, 2011

Always there a better other

It is very stupid to have a notion that we are something great in our own world . We become something in the absence of something greater or the greatest. There is always a better other (others) existing. Many a time the better other is absent or asleep. There is always a potential threat of a better other in our life.

It is not because we are great and well qualified that we are accepted and admired but it is because the absence of the better other. We become something in nothingness. No person is the ultimate in himself.

It is like, there was a country with full of handicapped people and a physically sound man becomes the king of handicapped people. Always there are people greater than us in terms of knowledge, wisdom, health and intellect.

We might be class toppers or rank holders, not because we are great it is always because of the absence of a better other, or else the better other is asleep. So we need not have so much pride for what we had achieved. We are always like a frog in the well. We think that the space we occupy is the world and what we have achieved is something great, but what we could achieve is nothing when it is compared with what we can’t achieve.

American President Barak Obama sounds to be a great president because better Obams are absent or silent or yet to be born. We consider our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a great Prime Minister because the better Manmohans are absent or not let to be in the post of PM because of the political drams.

Therefore, there are always better others than us. The absence or the asleep of better other gives us a chance to be something. Never we shall forget the fact that there are always better others. 

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