Wednesday, January 19, 2011

White collar job

Whatever job we do, at the end of the day it is to get paid and earn our daily bread whether it is white collar job or manual labour. We label jobs in different categories such as sophisticated jobs and cheap jobs. We always wish to have easy going jobs at the same time viewed as dignified by the society.

What we need to have is a work culture. Do you know how many people earn more than what we earn what we consider as cheap and unskilled labour? Why do all the north Indian people flow to God’s own country for work? It is because there workers are paid high and no local labours are available.

Any ordinary daily worker is paid 300 plus and food. A carpenter is paid 500 plus and if we calculate his monthly income, it would be almost 15000/-equal to what a high school teacher earns in a month. A rubber tapper is paid Rs. 1 for per rubber tree he taps, per day he tapes more than 1000 trees and imagine his monthly income, it would be almost 30000/- which is almost equal to fresh UGC scale salary.

Of course, the hard work involved in both is different, one is said to be intellectual and other is manual labour. Mode of payment also is different, in the former it is on the monthly based fixed salary scheme and latter is fluctuating and more like daily payment or random. That is the reason many of the daily workers can’t save money even if they earn a lot.  

How many of us can clean the toilet that we use? Father of our Nation, Gandhiji, used to clean his own latrine.  We don’t do it because cleaning toilet is considered to be a job of low class people. It is high time that we abolish the segregation of the jobs and cultivate a strong work culture. Any work is decent as long as it pays us well.

If we can change our attitude towards work the number of unemployment can be reduced. We being well qualified people with our superlative degrees and masters, never wish to do any job which go against our qualifications, we always look for white collar job. Until we find one, we remain idle without doing any job.

There is another tendency wherein people with superlative degrees and masters hate to do manual labour and cheap labour in their country rather locality but going abroad and doing same job is not an issue for them.  The logic behind not being hesitant doing the same work in abroad is that people whom they know and people who know them don’t know what kind of job there are doing there.  

We need people to do all kinds of job only then the whole world can function without any interruption that is the reason we have division of jobs. Everyone can’t perform every job, different jobs demand different aptitudes.  Therefore, there is no white collar job nor cheap jobs, all the jobs are equally important.

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