Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing girl child is a bad 'business'

If at all we can tell that growing a child is a business (duty or obligation), I would say that growing girl child is a bad business to do. Having only girl children is considered to be omen.  Any married couple would wish to have a boy child for them, because having a boy is considered
to be a blessing and an asset to the family.

Children are the fruits that yield in the martial relationships of the couples and a blessing from God, whether it is female or male children.  According to the Hindus having a boy child is must for their religious ceremonies. It is the boy child who has to lit the pyre of his parents at the cremation. It is the same case with Christians for their funeral as well.   

We live in a country which considers women as Goddesses.  But when it comes to having girl children it is always a bad investment. The number of female infanticide authenticates this fact proved that parents do not wish to have girl children. When I say parents I over emphasis on mothers, there are even mothers who do not wish to have girl children.

Not only the lack of wealth and money that prevent parents in growing girl children; the parents have to take ahead the name of the family and tradition through boy children as well as any kind of defame brought by the girl children by means of her behaviour and dealings especially with guys has a lasting bad name on the family.
Growing girl children is a bad business rather a bad investment. The girl children are to be brought up and educated well same like a boy child and have to be given in marriage with big dowry unlike boys, henceforth; there is no benefit from them for the parents. Not only that the tradition and name of the family end with girl children because they can’t keep up the tradition and family name as they are given in marriage and sent away.

There are other few elements also in the process of a girl child is being brought up if she falls in love with any boy and entering into any relationship are always bad name for her family and later a big headache for her parents to fix her marriage with another guy.  

There are cases in which both the parties get into sexual relationships  prior to their marriage and course of time the love relationship breaks up and the girl is at a cross roads.  As our society is patriarchal even if a guy initiates for any relationship at the end the girl child is blamed because girl child has to be modest, well behaved and have control over her emotions.

If the parents of the girl child learn that their child has lost her purity of mind and body (virginity) in her relations and break up with her boyfriend, it would be the most difficult situation that the parents of girl children have to face. However, they can’t keep her with them always, though she has lost her precious wealth (virginity) she has to be given in marriage. Hiding all these facts, they get a decent guy and give her in marriage to him.

The other great difficulty the parents of the girl children face is to keep their girl children chaste that is to keep then pure in mind and body.  The world and situations are so tempting so often the girl children are tempted and get into love relationships and the girl is rejected once the guy has satisfied what he was really looking for, that is nothing but the fulfilment of his sexual pleasure. 

I have a few of my girl friends (friends who are girls) told me that their parents consider that growing them and spending money for them is waste, their brothers are well taken care of and loved by the parents.  This kind of gender discrimination exists even among parents. If the parents have a boy and a girl child the boy is always loved and taken care of by the parents than girl, because parents know well that in their old age only the boy would take care of them than the girl child who is given and sent in marriage.

* It is written in Indian context so should be understood in that way.

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  1. Unless you can marry her off to some powerful man of tangible connections and from which calculable benefit can be drawn,a girl child is a waste. Of course there are exceptions like Indra Nooyi.