Friday, December 14, 2012

The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt (Part III)

I never thought that The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt would have a Part III and this tale has a part III is solely because of my 3D friend’s interest and unending endurance, however, I had a last recourse of getting the help of the newspaper agent. But after the part II of the ‘Twin’ hunt, I virtually gave up my hope and stopped working on it because I knew it was not going to work. 

On 12.12.12, The Part III of ‘Twin’ Hunt unfolded. 3D fried told me that he would locate their residence so that as the final recourse I would ask the newspaper agent, whom I know since one year and vice versa, as he has been supplying newspapers to my office. He is 50 year old soft spoken person. I had already told him about my Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt and he had promised me that he would look into the matter and see what he could do about it.
On 12.12.12, as already planned my 3D friend and I, we reached at Kadavanthara bus stop and we were not quite sure whether they still come the same route as the twin hunt was almost a forgotten chapter. We had decided that I would be stationed at the bus stop and 3D friend would be positioned on the way which they would take after getting down from the bus. We were waiting there at the bus stop but they did not come at the usual time, so we were about to go back, at that time 3D friend saw so one of them coming and he ran to other side of the road in the junction to be positioned so to follow them and to locate their residence so that the newspaper agent only needed to approach their parents with a potential marriage proposal.

He went ahead of one of the twin girls and he was following her to locate her residence. For a few minutes, I did not know what was happening on the other road. After sometime, I called up 3D friend and he told me that he could not follow and locate her residence as the road takes abrupt turnings and as he was coming out their locality he landed in front of the other twin girl who was returning to her residence. He told me that she was staring at him as if, why did he encroach their locality. He yelled at me, me not having intimated him about the other twin girl’s coming and I told him that I did not see her getting down the bus. Having fairly located their residence, we decided to get the newspaper agent as the final recourse.
On 13.12.12 evening, I called up the newspaper agent and he readily agreed to come. 3D friend and I were waiting at the lane which led to twin-girls’ residence and when he reached there we told him that this is the route twin-girls mostly take. The most surprising thing was that the newspaper agent’s residence falls in the same lane though he does not know this pair of twin-girls. As it was decided 3D friend and newspaper agent got positioned there and I moved to the bus stop to intimate them about twin-girls’ coming. I was so cautious not to appear before the twin-girls so I was always acting behind the curtain.

At the usual time, I saw one of the twin-girls on the road to Kaloor and walking towards Kaloor direction and I was watching where she was going. After going a little ahead, I saw her crossing the road meantime I saw the other twin-girl getting down from the bus and taking the same direction that the other twin-girl took. From a faraway spot, I was following and watching where were they going and I saw them entering into Best Bakers. At once I called up 3D friend and newspaper agent that the twin-girls have entered into the particular bakers and without much delay they reached the bus stop.

I located the bakers that the twin-girls entered into, I asked 3D man to confirm the twin-girls to him at the same time 3D man not being seen by them. The 3D man showed the twin-girls to him and the newspaper agent too got into the same bakers and happily ordered tea and he too started having his tea observing and identifying them thoroughly whereas 3D man came back. In fact, this gave a nice chance for the newspaper agent to get them introduced to him. Meanwhile, I called up the newspaper agent and told me that in his observation these girls are not of Kochin native and that was the very reason they were having food from the hotel but I told him that it was happening only once in a full moon. I too wished the same that they should not be of Kochin native because in case anything works out city-living girls would not be compatible with village-living guys.

After sometime, 3D man and I saw twin-girls on the right side of the road and the newspaper agent on the left side of the road passing by. We made sure that we are not seen by the twin-girls. I saw the twin-girls passing the Kadavanthara junction and taking their usual road to get back home and the newspaper agent was walking just keeping an eye on them but as he was crossing the junction they just got vanished so I saw his eyes seraching for them and I gave him a call and told him that they have walked ahead of him and asked him to follow them so to locate their residence. I greeted him bye and told him that I would catch him after sometime and got my bus to Vyttila.

Almost after half an hour, he gave me a call and told me that he did not see them. As the twin-girls were identified by him, he told me he would locate their residence and do what is needful. Probably this could be the last recourse with regard to the twin-story and the newspaper agent is the one who could do something about it as of now. So now let us watch out what goodness he would be bringing in the X’Mas season, as it is a season of surprise gifts......      


Let us keep our fingers crossed…………………………….            

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  1. wow..its going like a suspense thriller movie..

    eagerly waiting to know what is going to happen..

    -Bincy and Delin.