Monday, January 21, 2013

Old age home and orphanage set up spread a culture of abandonment

Indeed, it was the need of the hour to set up old age homes and orphanages when people were no longer willing to bear the unwanted burdens and piles of responsibility in their busy life. But the paradox is that these old age homes and orphanages set up are spreading a culture of abandonment thus more of this kind are coming up like mushrooms and are turned to be a big business under the label of charitable act. 

Now the nuclear family has an easy way out to get away from its unwanted and aged parents as well as the unwanted child because now it has become a culture of sending the aged parents to the old age homes and the unwanted children to the orphanages. When there is a decline in the righteousness and age old customs society will have to see some popular customs withering away giving way for something new to come in.

Excess money can only bring wreck to the human relationship than it could build up the warmth of relationship. In the pursuit for pleasure and comfort in life, people do not have time for the other no matter whether the other is his or her parents. We feel that money can buy anything and everything but there are lots of things that money can’t buy for us. Thus, life is not all about amassing wealth and living a troubled life.

This kind of culture is most rampant in the cities where people do not have time to love and care for the other and the sad part is that these kind of disgusting culture getting popularized and accepted by everyone. Ever since we have the formalized orphanages to take care of the unwanted children given birth by the unmarried girls through extra marital affairs, the number of new born children abandon is in alarming rates.

When the people in the society have a thorough knowledge about the old age homes and orphanages and their functions and what they are meant for, people started taking advantage of the new system set up thus turned it to be a custom of never caring and bothering for others. Now it has become a culture and custom where in we can avail these kinds of services, paying the adequate amount of money as charges.

This new custom is getting widely spread everywhere with alarming speed. The moment we feel that even if we give up our own dear ones there are people to take care of them and to look after them; we find a kind of security in abandoning people. We know there is a well established system and service to do our duty which otherwise we are ought to do and the money can get the job done for us.    

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