Friday, January 25, 2013

The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt (Part IV)

When I sit down to pen the Part IV of The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt, I feel that I have lost the zeal and there is no vigor in my hunt or in narrating the story. However, I thought I should continue with the story for the sake of it and for the friends who already know all the 3 parts of Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt.

Friends who have already read all the 3 parts of The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt might be anxiously waiting for the Part IV and a few of them started asking me, Where is the Part IV? I have been telling them that the twin-birds have flown away, to be precise after 13.12.2012 episode, the twin girls were not appearing at Kadavanthara bus stop. When I have been thinking that the ‘Twin’ hunt was almost coming to its end without yielding any positive result, surprisingly, I happened to see the twin girls in front of Malayala Manorama office on 24.01.2013 and I was seeing the twin girls for the first time after the 13.12.2012 episode.

As they two were crossing the road from my opposite direction to catch the auto, our eyes hooked up as I was standing there in front of Malayala Manorma office discussing with a friend of mine about a job opening. While having a discussion with the friend, I saw them boarding an ape auto and going to the passport office direction. After having discussed about the particular job opening, I moved to the bus stop to catch a bus to get back home. 

I was thinking that no wonder why there has been any whereabouts of them for the past one month because they started getting down at Manorama junction and taking an auto to get back to their residence. I have never bothered them getting down at Kadavanthara to get down at Manorama junction. Anyways, I thought that I should have noted down the number of the auto that they have hired to get back home and could track the auto driver to locate their residence. But I did not have this idea clicked while they were hiring the auto.

So I came back to Manoram auto stand and I had a vague idea that they hired an ape diesel auto so was waiting the similar auto to come back to the auto stand so to ask the driver about them. When an ape auto came to the auto stand, guessing that it was the same auto they have hired, I approached the driver and secretly told him the true account of the event and he was convinced and meanwhile another auto driver friend came to my help, I told him too the truthful account of the story and we shared our contact numbers each other.

The second auto driver following the Christian religion was ready to help me out and he understood my intention was pure and as it was for a good cause he was ready to help me out and he told me that as he comes across the matter he would intimate me about it.       

Let us keep our fingers crossed.............................

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  1. I feel like we have entered into 2nd part of the story after an 'interval' (like in movies... :-) )

    -Bincy & Delin