Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sexual crimes being reported more like erotic novels

Adding all the ingredients to it, the media spices up the sexual offense case and present it like erotic novel thus it is being sold like hot cakes. Reading the sexual crime stories that get published in the newspapers is more like reading an erotic novel that we get to read in any of the weekly publications. Reading the spiced up sexual crimes our imagination go wide and really get the feel of the incident. Though it is a sexual crime reported, readers get to read it with all kinds of ingredients and thus enjoy maximum reading it.

Why the media has to use all possible metaphors, similes, adjectives, adverbs and above all erotic language while narrating the sexually related crimes, the media does everything possible to make it attractive and it is ensured that these sexually related crimes shall not go unread thus the circulation rates of the media shall go high. 

Irrespective of gender and age everyone would be reading sexually related crimes that appear in the media so media makes sexual crime stories attractive and give a real-touch to the entire episode. Media as a business entity, it knows very well that what to sell and what not to. Media knows what readers are up to, what their aspirations are and what the readers mostly read. Therefore, media operates on the basic economic theory of demand and supply equation. 

The way the sexually related crimes are being reported in the media always gives heroic image for the entire episode and as well as the criminals who committed the same crime. The way the crimes are being reported makes the readers’ thoughts go wide and imagine the entire episode and it also could make the readers sexually charged with each one’s mental disposition and the way they look at the news and their imagination goes wide.

The kind of narrative style which is being followed in presenting the sexual crimes in the media could be avoided which could only keep the imaginations of the readers go wide and in turn the readers end up committing the same kind of crimes.

In the process of presenting the sexual crimes, media should not forget that such crimes are reported in the media so that magnitude of the gregarious punishment given for such crimes keep the same crimes never getting repeated than the crimes getting repeated with its erotic way of presentation through the media. Media should avoid its erotic kind of narrative style followed in reporting the sexual crimes, instead the narration should be kept factual; it should uphold the seriousness of such crimes and gregarious punishment followed.      

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