Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Contributory pension system and the chaos it makes

When all the 25 states of the country have already adapted the contributory pension system, why these kinds of fuss and chaos are being made by the leftist parties in the state? The age old pension scheme is the biggest challenges before the state exchequer where more than 60% of the budget money is spent on pension which should have been otherwise put in for development projects of the state.

Government job is supposedly the dream job for any job seeker which gives job guarantee, security, pension and all other benefits. To get the job, job seekers go any extent and do any amount of hard work but once they get the job they go lazy without fulfilling their duties. The strike that is being called by the left parties against the contributory pension is ridiculous when all other states have already adapted them keeping the development of the statement in mind and also when employees who are agitating against contributory pension do not come under it.

The government employees are enjoying a high salary scale having joined the offices on a age old educational qualification and never getting educationally updated and professionally equipped. As it is known to everyone that Kerala is having the highest percentage of educational standard and that itself is the curse of the state leaving so many well qualified professionals unemployed. Against this backdrop, the current government employees have called for a strike against contributory pension system when they are still on the job with the decades old educational and professional qualifications.    

The government employees who are striking against contributory pension system should be dismissed and the highly educated professionals who are still unemployed should be replaced in their posts. The government employees who are striking against contributory pension system are no way affected by the contributory pension system that is going to be introduced why then they should make a fuss out of it. Therefore, it is clearly evident that the whole issue is being politicized by the leftist parties for their political mileage. 

Government employees who will join the government department from June 2013 only come under the contributory pension why the hell then, these employees agitate so vigorously? I strongly feel that the leftist ideologies are anti-developmental that is the very reason they do not allow the government to put the money for development projects than heavily wasting on pension when the employees are already highly paid and enjoying all the benefits.    

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