Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Tale of ‘Twin’ Hunt (Part I)

Having born as identical twin boys, we have been always spellbound to read the news appearing in the newspapers that twin boys marrying twin girls. As far as identical twins are concerned, what would be always ideal is twins marrying twin girls. However, the twin marrying twin girls is very odd to happen because of the complexity and dearth of the pairs; also the social, economical, religious and family backgrounds have to fall in line with. I have been always in the lookout for twin girls and eventually my eyes got stuck with one pair of twin girls.

It was so fortuitous to meet the twin girls at Kadavanthara stop in Kochi. The girls appeared to be traditional, catholic, not a native of Kochi and working in the Kaloor side of the city. I was not fascinated with their charm and beauty instead what was exciting me was they are twin girls. They are always found in a serious note and never I could find them jovial apart from their laughing at me. The moment they get down at the bus stop, the walk ahead with rocket speed.   

I have been seeing them since quite sometime so I approached a few of my friends who are girls to step in and do the role of  hamsun (messenger). Sadly, I could not get any helping hands so I could not afford to wait because all on a sudden on a fine evening if they stop coming that is the end of it and there is no point in regretting later on. I believed that God did His role by introducing them to me and it was my duty to act upon. Otherwise, why they were to get down at the same bus stop, from where I am boarding my bus to get back home.

So I got to act upon, after having adequate thinking and reflections on a fine evening I decided to talk to them. Gathering enough of courage and confidence, I was approaching the bus stop, I saw them coming from the opposite direction and we encountered each other and I asked them, ‘Are you twins?’ It was absolutely needless to ask them whether they are twins because it was obvious that they are, but in order to kick start the conversation I had to ask them something. I was feeling that I started my chat in a flop note and the chemistry was not working with them. By that time I was flabbergasted, unable to proceed with the chat and somehow I ended the conversation telling them, ‘If you are looking out for twin guys please let me know, and I just walked off the scene. I neither revealed my identity nor they did theirs, neither I was in a position to give them my contact details nor I asked them. In fact, I was penetrating a thought into their hearts that ‘twin marrying twin girls.’

Being a very outgoing person, I fell short of words and in a hard way I learnt a lesson for my life that it is not easy to talk to strange girls on streets as I do with the same gender. I did not see them for a couple of days, I was worried that whether I  was being perceived as an eve-teaser and I was scared that the girls would get the help of moral police to beat me up. But after a few days they started getting down at the bus stop and as days passed by we started looking at each other. But later on I started avoiding any kinds of eye contact with them because I was sweating due to tension and fear whenever I saw them. Right from the day, I started seeing the twin girls and the developments taking place, I kept my parents, twin brother and a few of my close friends informed everything.      
I was worried all the evening that whether the twin girls have been perceiving me as an eve-tear, never I have been waiting at the bus stop to see them. Instead, my bus to get back home was reaching the bus stop only after they have got down at the bus stop. I was not meeting them every evening too. I used to observe them that whenever they saw me they used to laugh but who knows whether it was their sarcastic laugh and laughing at me.  

On August 3, 2012 Friday evening, I saw them getting down at the bus stop and walking away, after a few minutes a friend of mine told me that we shall follow them to find their whereabouts but I told him that I am not following them. He just started walking ahead in the same direction and I just followed him and stopped. At my surprise, they were standing there watching me and my friend. They positioned right in front of me whispering, smiling, laughing and at times turning back. They were standing there and I was praying that my bus shall come soon. They were in fact sketching me that whether I was standing there to meet them alone. After 10 minutes my bus came and I boarded the bus walking ahead of them. After boarding the bus, when I looked back the place they were standing, I found them going back. So solely it was to observe me and which route bus I am boarding. I thought there were some developments taking place.

For the next one month we kept seeing each other at the bus stop though not so often. Many a time I could not face the situation and they used to smile and laugh (laughing at me, whispering that the eve-teaser standing there) whenever we saw each other. As I am always a result oriented person for me things can’t just go on ad infinitum, on September 4. 2012, I once again gathered all my courage and strength and decided to meet them up. It was a rainy day, I saw them coming and when they reached in front of me I just told them, ‘Excuse me’, they gave me a weird look and walked off without making any kind of response. It was so shocking to learn that their laugh was simply laughing at me. It was the last attempt from my part to woo them as it turned out to be an utter flop in fact.  I am praying that hereafter, I shall not land in front of them thus, we shall not see each other.  So today I closed the twin girls’ chapter in a sad note. R I P + + +

At the end of the day, I am happy that I could write a blog out the whole ‘twin’ episode.

Ø  Marriage alliances can’t happen on road side or at bus stops
Ø  Bringing someone to act as a broker was not possible so I had to act upon before it was too late.
Ø  The girls were traditional and seemed not that outgoing so they had their limitations and anxieties when they are approached by a stranger on the street, in the wake of the unprecedented incidents against girls occur.So they can't be blamed.
Ø  I failed to communicate with them at the first attempt itself and woo them.
Ø  Girls always have high expectations about their life partner and perhaps I could any way fit into their concept of life partner.  
Ø  I was not fascinated with their charm and beauty instead what was interesting me was they are twin girls.
Ø  Though it was a flop show, I did my role. At least, I can be happy about the fact that I expressed my thought.
Ø  I might have been perceived as a trouble maker or an eve- teaser as the my intention was pure, I am justified
Ø  It is never easy to talk to a strange girl on the street with the same ease of talking with a guy.
Ø  Man proposes and God disposes
Ø  They could be so costly for the twin guys
Ø  Perhaps the girls could be beyond our reach in terms of status, educational and religious backgrounds  
Ø  It was nice that everything has ended, before I start taking things into my heart.

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  2. really enjoyed it..
    These statements are simply superb...
    "I believed that God did
    his role by showing them to me and it was my duty to act upon. Otherwise why they were to get down in the same bus stop, from where I am boarding my bus back to home"..

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  4. Both of you might be deserving something more than the twins that you have seen in the bus stop...May God bless you and your bro to get a twin partner in life..

  5. Failure is the stepping stone to success...Best wishes to find twin girls..