Saturday, September 22, 2012


The mantra for our life shall no longer be chasing our dreams but chasing our passion. Many a time our dreams remain unrealistic thus it is not constantly possible for us to chase down our dreams, therefore, we need to chase our passion and if we are passionate for something we will definitely be able to achieve what we are passionate for. Our dreams may not always be the reflection of our capabilities and potentials, we always dream what is beyond our reach so our dreams remain unfulfilled. Also we all are superstitious to believe that the dreams that we see in the wee hours would come true and seldom have they come true.

According to the great psychologist Sigmund Freud, our dreams are the end result of our unfulfilled desires. Dreams are said to be a window to our subconscious mind and hence, disturbing. In his book Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud answered many unfathomable questions about dreams and their symbolic meaning. He believed that dreams are a kind of spy-holes which give us access to unfulfilled desires, potential or emotions of our sub-consciousness. Dreams in a way act as a guardian to our sleep, thus protecting the asleep person from the external stimuli like climate, noise, pain, body stimuli, etc.

But if we are really passionate for something and even though we don’t have the enough potential within us to reach our goal, our passion for the goal will lead us the way. If we are really passionate for something nothing can stop us from reaching our goal; we will approach many people for guidance and assistance, we will think about alternative possible ways to reach the goal and if nothing works somehow we will get it done by others.

Passion is always the driving force in reaching our goal so it is not all about dreaming high but we should first identify what our passion is for. If what we dream about and what our passion is for, fall in line with, our dreams get the wings of passion thus passion will lead the dreams to get realized.

We should not ask people what are their dreams instead we should ask them what they are passionate for. Our dreams and passion for something will always be diverse. So it is no longer in teaching people to dream for their future instead making them passionate for something. When the fire is burning within our belly for something, automatically we get enthused and get well equipped because the passion will help us to do our home works well in advance.

We must learn to discern between what our dreams are and our passions for and we also are ought to ensure that whether we are passionate for our dreams. If our dreams and passions are in opposite poles, our dreams will always remain as dreams without getting actualized. Instead if our dreams and our passion fall in line with, our dreams will take its destination on the wheels of passion. Success of our life is not depending on all about having colourful dreams for the future instead in chasing our passions and to learn what we are passionate for. So let on our march to chase our passion.      

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