Saturday, September 29, 2012

Women themselves are their biggest enemies

It has been always a matter of great debate among men and women that who are the so called enemies of women. The entire women flock will point out their fingers towards men. But I would say, to a large extent women themselves are their biggest enemies. If we can closely observe all those chaos, violence, rape cases and attempts, stories of molestation, sex racketing, female trafficking, bad treatments, which are happening against women, the major chuck of them are sponsored, caused and invited by women themselves.

In all these circumstances either there is a hand of a woman worked behind the curtain or the willingness of the woman so to invite the particular trouble. Invariably, in every sex racket and female trafficking case the main link will be a woman and woman who has fallen victims of those incidents get other women to the same traps. Women themselves know what are their strengths and weaknesses, so the women themselves tap the weaknesses of other women in order to trap them.

Without the help of women, men alone can’t cause all these troubles towards women. Women will go to any extent and act as deadly poisonous. Weakness of a woman is their strength so she employs her strength to trap other women. Anything goes against women normally men associated with them are accused not the women work behind the scene.  We have so many instances where women themselves work behind the scene for the unpleasant incidents to occur.

The women who present their nudity and exhibit obscene shots through online, visual and print media are automatically causing sexual urges in men and men who come out watching the particular video clip or picture sexually charged might end up raping a girl on the street. So ultimately who caused the sexual urges in men, the women who appeared naked in the scene never fall the victims of their action whereas an innocent girl on the street.    

Basic nature of women is to attract and woo the men. Why can’t women dress up well? Why the women need to exhibit their nudity and bodily parts that can sexually attract men towards them? It is always men who dress up with modest apparels not the women. The biggest sin is to be a cause for a sin rather than committing the sin itself.  

Women always say we would wear the sort of the costumes they wish to wear and what is the problem with men. As a man I strongly feel that no men will have any issues in women being in whatever attire they want to be, instead men would be enjoying their bodily exhibition and no man would wish women to be in modest apparels (except for hubbies, fathers and brothers in their dear ones’ case). The women flock should understand that men enjoy the crazy costumes though the men act like ‘Moral Police’ asking the women to dress up the modest attire.

It is men who understand the women better in all the respects. Being a woman, a woman has undergone all the hardships of being brought up, living in a male dominant society, as she grows the bodily changes that happen within her, her monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, delivery, menopause and all that. When a woman, who has undergone all these, sees other woman going through the same situations the former feels that I have undergone all these so I know what it all means so she is neither sympathetic nor empathetic towards the woman enduring all those situations. 

During our bus and train journey we have seen no woman offering a seat to a pregnant woman or a woman carrying her little child instead man who sees this particular woman readily offers her a seat. It is because having undergone all those situations and a woman sees other woman in the same shoes, the former is neither sympathetic nor empathetic towards the enduring woman whereas man who can’t have objective knowledge of all these readily offers a seat because he has a subjective knowledge of what it all means.

I too have discussed with a couple of girls who are my close friends on the above topic they too have given the testimony that it is men who treat them well not women. One of them told me that if she enters in the women-compartment of the suburban train, the women in the compartment won’t even offer a little space to stand so normally she boards the common compartment where men give her space even to sit.

Before finding fault with men for the pitiful conditions of women, women should learn that in all atrocities against women either there is a hand of a woman working behind the curtain or the willingness of the woman so to invite the particular trouble. So at the end of the men are the ardent friends of women and it is women themselves are their biggest enemies.                  

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