Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The worker deserves his wage

The Bible says “a worker deserves his wagesLuke 10:7, and when it comes to giving the wage to the worker what he deserves the preachers of the same gospel tend to forget the gospel passage itself and pay the worker really less. By the preachers of the same gospel, here I mention the priests and higher authorities in the church.

The priests have only the habit of receiving the money and when it comes to giving the money which is not at all the end result of their toil and sweat why do they tend to pay very less and I am coming to the self-finance colleges run by priests where they really pay less to the lectures when it is compared with the huge amount of donation and fees that they charge from the students.

The church and priests teach that the family is the very basic foundation of church and a church (group of believers) is the collection of small families. Why then the same church and priests underpay the bread winner of the family which is the very basic foundation of church. A house holder knows the difficulty to run a family meeting all the expenses and the house holder who works in the Christian institutions should be paid enough for the material and spiritual gains of the family.

When it comes to church preaching the priests use all the jargons and bombard the sermon with words about family and emphasis importance of family very elegantly but when it comes to paying the wage to the same family member working in the Christian institutions they stealthily forget the gospel and pay only very less. The priests are the mere preachers of the gospel not the doers of what has been preached.    

The priests who do not know what physical hard work and what sweating are and how difficult it is to run a family and the role of money in the physical and spiritual well being a family, how they can understand the pain of a worker who is struggling to meet both the ends. The priests have all the luxuries though they are the so called renounced people therefore, it is not possible for them to be in the shoes of ordinary man and feel with them.

Despite all these, there are some priests who exploit the poor house holder economically in the names of donations to church and money for church-building and feast celebration and all that thus the poor believer becomes poorer and poorer. The priests should not be mere preachers of the gospel instead they should be able feel with the people and be in their shoes. Only people who have undergone the hardships of life and what physical labor is can only associate themselves with people who are in needs. With spirituality alone one can not survive and for his survival and spiritual growth money is an important factor.  

If we would have keenly observed it was so evident that most of the strikes called by nurses in Kerala are in Christian management hospitals and it speaks for itself. When the Christian managements make huge profit and amass major chuck of wealth the poor Christians themselves are denied their right for just wage.

The priests should start living a life that is after the example of Christ who is their supreme model and as it is written in  1 Timothy 5:18 "The worker deserves his wages." the church and priests should make sure that at least in the Christian institutions the worker gets his just wage. A worker deserves his wages and church should be the first to willingly pay the workers who are using their hands to make a living from Christian institutions. 

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