Saturday, September 24, 2011

Living at the expense of others

Shall we remind you something, you dear Politicians of our country “You are living at the expense of us.” We, the citizens of the country, are meeting all your expense and what do you all give us in return? The politicians should learn that the status and the comfort they are enjoying are with the hard earned money of the destitute of this land. They are answerable for our well-being and convenience. The Politicians are elected to serve us not to be served.

In their speech they aptly fit so many jargons like Aam aadmi and aam janatha to woo the general public in the election campaign. The politicians are big time pseudo ones. The politicians can not understand the value of the hard earned money. When the common man is working hard in the scorching sunlight our politicians are resting comfortably in the air-conditioned rooms for which the money is paid from state exchequer. 
If the politicians of our country were to learn the misery and hardship of Aam aadmi they would not have increased the price of fuel and would have done something remarkably to chock the inflation. If the situation continues in this alarming rate, the life of  the common man is going to be even more miserable.   

The irony is that the job that demands greater managerial skills and educational qualification always has totally unfit people for the post. How many of our politicians are really qualified to mange different portfolios in terms of their educational qualifications and experience. In our country anyone can be a minister provided he wins an election with money and muscle power, and educational qualification is not counted at all.       

If politics is a service why MPs and MLAs are having a salary system. A MP is getting a salary of 48000 and other PA and DA, on what educational qualification they are paid such a big amount as a monthly salary. Last year the salary of MPs was hiked triple time that is from 16000 to 48000 and they were not happy and they were arguing that in America the politicians are getting paid really high. The politicians of our country should understand that what is their educational qualification and caliber when compared with their counterparts in US.    

Do you think that adequate thinking and research have gone into all the projects that are undertaken by a politicians? Many a time the projects turn up to be a big flop and the politicians remain beyond criticism. I think we should have legal provisions wherein they should be put behind the bars if they waste the money due to their mismanagement. It is high time for the politicians to learn that being a politician is not just a profession but it should be a great dedication and sacrifice to serve the citizens and the country at large. The happiness and joy of the politicians shall be in serving their country not in living at the expense of the citizens.     


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