Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Advent of internet and lofty influence of social networking have resulted in the new phenomenon of internet chatting thus, it has created a new kind of people who are called webtrovert. We are familiar with the words introvert and extrovert but the word webtrovert is perhaps new to us.

The person who is confined within himself and does not talk to others are called introvert. The person who is out going and makes company with everyone and who is so jovial is called extrovert. Now the question is who is webtrovert then?
Webtrovert is the person who makes friendships in online sphere and engages in online chatting but when this particular person meets his friends face to face he would be shy and introvert and would not be talking at all.

This kind of person is extrovert in the online sphere but in real life they are introvert. They can only speak with people only with the medium of internet not any real face to face talk. People who chat in online for hours and hours would be totally strangers when they come face to face. These people always need the technological aid for their communication, without technology they loose their confidence and perhaps they cant talk to people at all.

How many of us really know all our facebook friends? Many a time we keep adding people to the friends' list not necessarily knowing them all. In social networking site our concern is to make the list of friends more and more rather than having the real friendship. So in online we don’t mind chatting with people whom we don’t know really but when they come face to face they are total strangers to us.     

The technology, internet and social networking sites, which in fact help people to remain connected with their friends and have to make people extrovert and out going are playing a reverse role. The new way of chatting should help people to become extrovert from introvert but at the end it helps only to make a new set of people who are called webtrovert.


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