Sunday, September 11, 2011

A September 11

Americans were always under the notion that they were far ahead of any country in terms of wealth, technological advancement and military force and they are the supreme power in this world. Their arrogance was scattered when the World Trade Center, the prestigious building, was turned into ashes, killing over 3000 people of 60 nationality in a terrorist attack.

If the fourth plane would not have crushed down in the state of Pennsylvania, the White House, one of the targets of the terrorist attack, would have definitely been turned into ashes and the humiliation and wound that would have created in the minds of Americans could have been vicious.

Perhaps a September 11 tainted the plight of the entire world. The America was torn asunder and there left  little hope for survival. Till then the Americans thought that they remain unaffected by the terrorism.  

Perhaps the world would not have witnessed a recession if there were not a September 11 one decade ago. One decade ago terrorism was not a matter of concern for Americans they thought their high intelligence department, security personnel and military force were intact and they would not make a loophole but it was turned to be very costly for the country America.

America too started waging war against terrorism once it experienced terror attack in the most harsh way. The Afghan invasion and war on Iraq plundered the wealth of the nation. It is estimated that America has already spent 3 million dollars on its was against terrorism. As the world economy is solely dependent on America the economic growth of US resulted in the economy of other countries.  America always claims that its war is against Al-Qaeda not against Muslim countries.

On the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attack, America has only very little to be happy about, America could kill its biggest enemy, the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. Though Laden is killed the aftermath of the attack is still alive in the country. The war on terrorism caused a big debt crisis and huge unemployment in the country.

Americans have not come out of the wounds that are created by the September 11 attack and they always live under the fear and shadow of terrorist attacks and they are always on a guard against terrorist attack. The greatest challenge before America is to recuperate its past glory.

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