Monday, September 5, 2011

Mothers are the best managers

Perhaps mothers are the best managers though not many of them hold a MBA degree from a well reputed college. We should marvel in the way they put all the works together with ease and happiness.

Let me first define who is a manger according to me, for me a manager is the one who manages so many things in a frame of time and completes everything within the time limit. I don’t mean managers are the so called educated people who are sitting in the air-conditioned room, well dressed.

We will understand that fact that mothers are the best managers if our mother is out of station or she is bedridden for a couple of days. We would always be surprised and shocked to learn that how she has been managing the kitchen works and other house hold works all these while and we will understand the great value of our mother then.

If the works done by her are to be paid in terms of money I don’t think her works, service and above all her love and concern can ever be paid for. Many a time the works done by our mother remain unnoticed and unacknowledged. Whenever the occupation of the mother is asked about we label her as a mere “house-wife.” If the mother is to be paid for her works she has to be paid triple than the employee (husband) of the house is getting paid.   

Many a time the world of a mother is confined in the four walls of kitchen or the house. According to the status of jobs her work may not be there even in the list of jobs but in reality her works remain a saga of dedication, hard work that are enwrapped with love and concern for the family. She is the only worker who gets up so early even before we get up and goes to bed so late after we all have slept off. She does not have a given working hours.

When we are busy in browsing different channels in television she would be all alone in kitchen preparing yummy food for us. Never she has any complaints nor she is indifferent in her works, she is busy always without any grievances and she keeps always a nice smile on her face even if she is drowsy.  

Let us value our mother for what she has been to us so far, let us not complain about the food she cooks for us and serve us with even if it does not taste well on any day. Let us always extend our helping hands to reduce her agony and misery. Let us all value our mother and love her.   

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