Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Manju Warrier making a comeback after 14 years of 'Vanavasa'

Having been there in the limelight of popularity and fame for hardly 3 years that movie could offer her, then making a comeback after 14 years of ‘vanavasa’ through the visual advertisement of Kalyan Silks is fabulous and what a comeback it is indeed. It clearly shows her star value and popularity have not diminished at all but only rose dramatically otherwise a leading brand, Kalyan Silks, would not have done an advertisement staring Manju Warrier though it is with the legend Amitabh Bachchan.

Having been there for the industry just for 3 years and acted in over 20 movies she ended her acting carrier to be a good house wife and to grow her daughter. The characters she had given life to, have been living in the heart of real lovers of Malayalam cinema and Keralites, who know her talents, have been waiting for Manju to make a comeback.

Compared to Bollywood, Mollywood heroes are very conservative in letting their heroine-wives to act in movies after the wedding knot. Perhaps, that is the reason she had to wait for the long 14 years to make a comeback to cinema. After 14 years when she started with her dance performance at various temples across Kerala she was sending across a message of her comeback and in couple of the interviews she had expressed that in Bollywood heroines like Rani Mukherjee and Kajol made a comeback but back here in Mollywood same is not the scenario.

Perhaps, it would be difficult for a person who had been in the limelight of popularity and fame to abstain from them too long and it has been an urge deep within the heart to make a comeback for Manju Warrier and finally she was succumbed to the mental conflict whether to make a comeback. It should be noted that majority of the heroine-wives of Mollywood are not acting ever since they are wedded to and those heroine-wives who acted have got divorced too.

With the second coming of Maju Warr, there is a buzz of Dileep and Manju Warrier getting divorced. Though the Keralites are happy on her second coming but it could pop up issues in her married life and if she is really getting back to movies eventually we would see the break-up of Dileep and Manju Warrier. Though Dileep has been acting over the 14 years when Manju was in exile, in terms of popularity, fame and number of fans Manju would definitely surpass Dileep. The stability of their marriage bond is all about how Dileep could handle the ego clash. Let us keep our fingers crossed……..  

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  1. To be frank the comeback advertisement of Manju Warrior dosen't have any appealing among viewers except for the hype it created ..that advt fails to do justice to the brand and manju as well..Its a below par attempt as an advertisement

    1. Of course, the story line is very cliche and it is done over and again

  2. Hai I'm from Tamil nadu, recently I read the news of
    Manju warrier newsthat she started a womens collective for the actress in the industry.its great thing to do.. let other actress also follow this. cheers !!!