Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time is the perfect gift that we could give to someone

If someone tells you, ‘Dear, I have time for YOU’ perhaps that would the best gift that he could give to you. We are living in a fast moving modern world where people do not have time for each other and if someone has ears to listen to our needs, sorrows, and worries that would be the greatest thing he could do unto us. Anything could be sold and bought in this consumer market but not time (of course advertisement time slot could be sold and bought, but what is meant here is the personal time we have in front us as 24 hours a day format). 
Often we have heard most of the people telling that we don’t have any time, whereas everyone has got the 24 hours time cycle and it is all about how we manage our time for our various needs, priorities and best use. The so called people, who often complain that they do not have time, definitely have time for eating and shitting so it is all about managing time. 

Time is the most precious thing in our life and irony is that it is the same thing that we waste a lot in our life.  Even the length of our life is also measured in terms of the duration of the time we live, called age. The material gifts that we gift our near and dear ones with are tangible whereas time is something intangible and that would be the perfect gift that we can give to someone.

Parents do not have time for their children and vice versa, teachers do not have time for their students, husband does not have time for wife and vice versa, boyfriend do not have time for his girlfriend and vice versa and friends do not have their friends and the root cause of all the modern issues is not having the quality time for the other. Parents are keen on providing their children all comforts luxuries, expensive gifts and whatever they demand for yet the parents do not have any quality time to spend with their children and it is the same case between husband and wife as well.    

The modern world offers us all the latest facilities to put us in a fast track but even after all that we do not have time for anything and what would have been our condition if we do not have all the latest facilities. Our forefathers lived in a primitive age; still they had time for everything. Probably, the greatest virtue in this fast moving modern world would be, to have time for others; to have time and ears to listen to the problems and sufferings of our brethren.   

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