Friday, August 3, 2012

The real and the fake ‘I’

We all are big time actors in our life journey; we act as gentle and sober in order to sooth the hearts of others. We continuously suppress the real ‘I’ that is malicious, cunning, crooked, perverted and vice and pretend to be tender, loving, caring, righteous, moral and ethical in our expression and conduct.  

We are embodied with duality of characters; the real ‘I’ and the fake ‘I’ within us. The real ‘I’ that is known to I myself and the fake ‘I’ is what I depict myself to people in and around us. Most of us pretend to be good to people with our externally refined characters, behaviors and manners and with the different kids of masks that we wear. Only we ourselves know what our hidden agenda and our inner most feelings are.

None is an exception from this reality, Often the real ‘I’ that is within me is not perceived. People judge us with what we are externally but the way I am perceived is not the real ‘I’ many a time. Again this is in varying degree, there are people who can’t hide anything, we call them the real people, there is another set of people who make white lies which are not harmful for others and the most dangerous set of people who are big time fraud but acting so gentle in front of others.

However, in the long run and our close association with a particular person would expose his real character thus the real ‘I’ would be revealed to us. To an extent, we will be able to hid the real ‘I’ that is there within us and pretend to be good but in the long run the real ‘I’ will come out tearing off the masks that we have been wearing.

So virtually it is impossible to judge a man by his character, behavior and manners and label him good or bad.  With the help of a few psychological cues we can bring out the real ‘I’. We are not Oscar winning actors to pretend to be good always. Life is not a cinema where we have cuts and retakes, so a small fallacy in our behavior would expose the real ‘I’ that is there within us. It is human tendency to act gentle no matter how much ever wicked one is.  We should always be aware of the real and fake ‘I’ reality no to be cheated and exploited.    

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