Monday, August 20, 2012

Technologically naked

Gone are the days of having any kind of privacy, as the technology made its advancements in all walks of life, it started to peep into our private life and we are left with little seclusion. To put it categorically, we can say that we are technologically naked. Each and every time we are being viewed, watched, observed and examined by the people in and around us with the help of different visual-technological equipment.

Ever since the advent of CCTV and pinhole cameras, it is written everywhere that “Beware you are under the surveillance.” We are being closely monitored at every point of time and this is possible through the technological advancements.  We don’t have any privacy at all. We are forced to act gentle and sober because we are being closely watched.

The technology is being used both for good and bad motives. It is being used to chock the alarming rates of crimes and fraudulent activities of politicians, officials as well as the common man by the effective use of the technology which can record and reproduce the visual and sound bytes. In all the highly security alerted areas like; airports, railway stations, defense areas and important public places CCTV and pinhole cameras are being set up to monitor the crowd in case any unusual episodes turn out. All of us know the Tehelka findings wherein ministers indulged in scams and bribe, the finding was powered with the help of pinhole cameras and similar equipments.   

Always the right use of the technology authenticates its invention and as people are inclined to use the technology for bad motives it can send the ripples of antisocial elements to the society. All these security systems are tampered by its negative use, wherein people make use of all these technology for bad motives by installing them in the ladies toilets and trail rooms of big shopping malls and textile showrooms to shoot their nudity in order to defame, to sexually and mentally torture them and also to have a cheap bargaining with the ladies for money as well as gains.

The advent of mobile cameras have aggravated the already existing scandalous situation that everyone is carrying a mobile with the facility of camera that people keep shooting and clicking visuals and footages both wanted and unwanted and uploading them in Facebook and YouTube. For instance; the outraged husband and boyfriend uploading the snaps and footage of his wife and girlfriend along with him in Facebook and YouTube to tarnish the name of his wife and girlfriend once their relationship is broken up.   

To sum up, it is wise to be vigilant and prudent always that technology constantly trying to expose our nudity. Nevertheless, the facts remain that we are technologically naked at the same time we can do only little about it to cover up the nudity that the technology exposes to the world.     

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