Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everything centered on our convenience

Anything and everything that we do is centered on our convenience. We do everything to the extent that our comforts and conveniences are not disturbed. The moment our convenient circle and comforts are disturbed, we will definitely react.

It is again dependent on the fact that how comfortable we want to be. People, who are looking for the most comfortable zone, will be really disturbed even if a small thing goes wrong in their way. There are various levels of comfort levels that each one is looking for.

The great people had less comfortable level so there were not disturbed with the normal things by which I and you get disturbed.  We say, he is selfless in helping people and rendering service to people, even he would have his convenient zone and his comfort levels, his comfort level would no way luxurious, it would be his basic needs as in food, shelter and clothing, so he would not disturbed so easily. They get comforts and satisfactions by helping others; their comforts are in the intangible happiness they get from helping others.

People who live luxury life and always travel on the smooth ways in the life journey, without knowing any kind of difficulties and pains, will be the first ones to react because their comfort levels rather the degree in which they hold their comforts are very high. 

Even our Great Mahatma of the land would have reacted if his personal zone and comfort level were to be disturbed. His comfort was in the azzadi of our nation, so anything for that cause was convenient for that Great Soul.

How selfish we are also would determine how convenient and comfort seekers we are. We should have always a higher goals and mission for others than ourselves. We are not here in this world not just to fulfill our needs and live a happy and comfortable life, we should have a greater goal to help others and make others life happy.

It is up to each one of us to decide the degree of comforts and convenience we wish to be in. let us have lesser degree of comfortable levels for us and shall not solely centered on our convince alone, let us have a life that is also centered on the comforts of others who are near and dear to us. Our convince and comforts would be other people’s burden.

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  1. That gives rise to complaining characters. Everybody complains but a few are so sensitive n insecure, like the girls in our class.