Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From nothingness…..

Every big company or person had a very humble beginning from nothingness. If they were to wait to have all kinds of capital, resources and infrastructure they would have never begun anything at all. It has to grow throw difficulties
and problems. It is said what is sprouted in the fair can withstand anything.

If the Infosys chairman, N. R. Narayana Murthy thought that let him have all capital, resources and infrastructure then he would begin, he would have never started a firm like Infosys in 1981, with and five others and probably we would not have a big Infosys Technologies Limited which is now India's top IT company.

Once we start and establish ourselves things will just follow. Here, I am not speaking about starting any MNC, I am speaking about things that we can do within our limit without much investment.

A few moths ago a friend of mine was asking me about starting a blog, I told her just go ahead and begin it; and anyone can start it but having frequent updates are difficult, then she was telling me, let me have my laptop and net connection ready, then I will think of starting off a blog. 

I have seen people in fact telling others, let me wait for a little longer and let me have all those facilities then begin, such people never do anything. Because there is nothing called a sweet time to begin anything, it’s we who make our sweet time to begin.

It’s said that procrastination is the greatest evil of the time, we keep postponing things. We think that we have always a day like tomorrow, but we never know whether we have a day like tomorrow. So it is right time to start doing. It’s the time.

So it’s always advisable to start form what we have than waiting for; if everyone had waited to start his or her company with all the capital, resource and infrastructure perhaps we would not have any big companies and economical growth. Success is never an accident it is always an end result of pursuit and excellence. If there is a will there is a way.



  1. As soon as u start your mission, things will come running to your rescue. We shouldn't wait for things. We should go grab them. Make the first few steps, and there we get a better chance.

  2. Yes yes. I liked this usage very much things will come running to your rescue.