Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wine getting better and better as getting older and older

Age of 37 is considered to be an old age as far as the cricket is concerned and it’s high time for any player to retire and give way for others to walk in.  But at the age of 37 the kind of form he has and the way he displays it is marvelous. Sachin is proving that age is just a numerical number that is added to our chronological age, form and passion can be
never ending; determination can make the body act well and even better as ages pass by. That is Sachin and already all the leading cricketers have accepted him as a maestro.

2010 calendar year is the best calendar year for Sachin from any other calendar years. 10 matches 17 innings 1322 runs, the highest is 214 and an average of 88.13 which consists of 6 centuries and 5 half centuries. So far he has scored 30,000 runs in international cricket.

Late in his career, for him cricket is still a learning process, he said once that still he learns cricket everyday, he always tries to get better with age. Most of his co-cricketers were not even born when Sachin started his career as cricketer.

If it were any other batsman, he would have thought that he has earned enough for the life and broken all possible records, but for Sachin cricket is always a passion. Because on and off Sachin says that playing for the country was his dream. In the history of one day international, Sachin is the first and the only batsman who scored a double century. 

If cricket is a religion Sachin is God. Sachin means a lot as far as the world cricket is concerned. Many a time people get crowded because the master blaster is playing, they get to see Sachin right in front of them and see his live actions. The fans always want him to deliver; any crowd would go disappointed if he does not deliver.

He was born on 24 of April 1973 and Sachin the adult started his cricket career at the age of 16 against Pakistan in Karachi and now it has been 20 years of long innings in international cricket and never ever he had to turn back.

He is a man of records, if we say that even Sachin may not know the number of records he has there may not be any exaggeration for that. Someone may have to remind him about the number of records he holds. He is always compared with the great cricket legend Donald Bradman.

Yet he remains a gentleman who never boasts for anything. Though cricket is known as gentleman’s game we don’t get to see so many gentlemen. Now cricket has become the game of match fixing and pouring of black money but Sachin has been never into any kind of controversies.

In the process of establishing himself as a player he also helped many other cricketers to grow; to name a few Sehwag and Dhoni etc. While he is in the field often we have seen him helping his co cricketers with his tips and pieces of advice to deliver for the country. His mere presence in the team is a great boost for other players. He is the only batsman about whom all the bowlers had nightmares.
When the cricket world introduced the twenty20 format game, it was believed that it is youngsters’ game and Sachin paved the way for youngsters never being part of Indian twenty20 team but later when the IPL was introduced he came back as the captain of Mumbai Indians and proved the youngsters that he is too young for the game and in the last IPL he got most runs.

He is not just known for his battings, he has been the captain of the Indian Cricket team, he is a part time blower many a time he has proved himself as a good bowler, in nut shell he is an all-rounder.

He is an international brand personality; recently was award with Honorary Rank of Group Captain by Indian Air Force, no other sports person had this previlage. He is into so many advertisements because of his personality and brand image that was built up throughout these years. He is known for his brand loyalty. He sticks to the brand he endorses.

So far the little master has scored 95 international centuries. In course of time we can see century of centuries from Sachin from both formats of cricket that is test and one day internationals.

Still there are lots of cricket left in him. Let us hope that before he ends his cricket career as a passionate player he would get India the 2011 world cup.

I don’t think the World Cricket would see such a maestro again; who has climbed the zenith of success and glory yet remains simple and humble. 

Let us all tell our future generation with great pride that we lived in an era where Sachin Tendulkar the icon of Cricket lived, we have seen him playing live in the field and we have applauded for his sixes and classical knocks. He was with us in flesh and blood and we are very happy and fortunate to cherish those memories and share it with you.

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  1. However Sachin could not score a test hundred today. The world wait for that.

  2. no worries, he would do it soon when he is least expected of