Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To think out of the box

People who have become great are the ones who thought everything out of the box, out of the context, time and space where they have been. It is a term that we have heard always, but to put practice in our life is always difficult.

We all live in a particular time and space, to transcend ourselves and see
the world and things in new perspective is very difficult. We can look at things different perspective, like a class having half water in it can be said, it’s half full or half empty. Going beyond and thinking demands something great from us.

Not many of us can do this out of the box thinking, we all go with the conventional ways of things and our routine life. Never we are bothered about whether there are newer ways of doing things and come up with new innovative ideas.

We get entangled with our own space and circle of friends. Many a time we are like frogs in the well. The frog thinks that is the world because what it sees everyday is the same routine things and life. So what is world for the frog is the well.  

Now I am in this given time and space and can I get of this frame and see things in other perspective? For a simple example; Now you are reading this particular article and you are in this frame of reading, but at the end of the reading when you get back on your bed you might be thinking I could have refuted this article and leave a critical comment, but when you were in the frame, (time and space) you could not do. Being in that frame of time and space thinking something different and acting upon are really great

Many a time it happens in our life, while we studying in college we give less importance for studies and do not make use of the chances that we get. We often waste our time in having fun and going for movie.  After the college studies when we take ourselves for interview, and when our job is denied may be we fall short of 1% marks, we would start thinking, if I could have studied a little more and taken the assignment seriously, I would not have suffered but nothing can be done about it then, we should have thought out of the box then, not later this time.

The success of every man is in thinking out of the box and placing him ahead of the time. In other term we should be able to foresee things.

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